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Uzado is an industry-leading SAAS provider with a strong focus on information security management.  The Uzado Platform is designed to help organizations manage areas of incidents, vulnerability, compliance, repository of files that are visible to the rest of the organization, sharing or sending confidential files securely and visualizing an organizations posture in the form of KPI’s and Metrics when referring to incidents, vulnerabilities and compliance.  There are also pre-defined incident, vulnerability and compliance reports based on an organization’s results, displayed in the form of kpi’s and/or metrics and some trending information as well.


The following is a brief description of the different areas Uzado has to offer:

  1. Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) - Focusing on enforceable workflows allowing analysts to quickly see information about incoming alerts from security tools, with visual workflows showing them what to do next, and enforced tasks at each level providing guidance on what to do to keep an incident or service request moving forward.  You can have a brand new employee start providing value on day one, the platform shows them what to do, when to do it, and ensures consistency, reliability and repeatability in your incident response processes.  This module can be used by the service provider or by client or by both.
  2. Vulnerability & Remediation Manager (VRM) – Optionally, organizations can have Uzado perform the vulnerability scanning on their environment or perform the scans themselves and those results are then uploaded into the Uzado platform.  Using our built-in Asset Manager (containing important information related to each of the organization’s assets), we help companies understand where the risks exist based on the results, not by looking at the vulnerabilities (High, Medium, Low) but rather by looking at various “risk dimensions” we know about related to each of the assets.  This allows us to focus on addressing real risks and ensures when companies decide to tackle remediation activities, when they are done they will have accomplished something that will contribute to lowering their overall risk and exposure.  The platform tracks all activity and provides full logging and auditing for performance and effective purposes, can be used by the service provider or by the client or both.
  3.  Operations & Compliance Manager (OCM) – Map out one or more standards or set of operational requirements, identify all of the things that are supposed to be done to be “compliant”, identify how they will be satisfied, then leverage the built-in task scheduler to create tasks on pre-determined schedules, made up of visual workflows with action items assigned to one or more individuals or groups.  See at any point in time the current state of overall compliance, align compliance to individual or groups of assets, tying everything together.
  4.  Queues - We also have Dashboard Queues, which are real-time lists of search results, updated constantly saving analysts and customers significant amount of time from searching for results that match their unique needs within ITSM, Vulnerability Manager and Compliance.
  5.  My Dashboards – User customizable dashboards based on about 70 KPIs today, will be able to leverage our dynamic KPIs in the near future, meaning users can create their own custom KPIs on demand and then graph them and track them over time.  Companies can create views and share with their users (read only), or users can create their own custom views, add one or more “widgets” to the view, and then choose what KPI to represent and how to represent it (KPI tile, pie chart, line graph, bar graph, etc.)
  6.  Report Engine – A set of predefined reports for ITSM, Vulnerability Manager and OCM.  Reports can be selected, time frames identified, report output selected (PDF, CSV, Excel, etc.) and then the report can either be generated and provided to user via the SFT engine (securely) or can be transferred to the Report Manager for storage/archival purposes.
  7.  Report Manager – Windows style File Explorer.  Organizations can create folders and share reports and documents with everyone in the company.  Report Engine can generate reports and populate in folders in Report Manager.  Any exports with the Uzado Platform can be stored into Report Manager.   User can create their own unique folders, upload reports, documents, client support information, etc.  Users can also share their folders with one or more users to allow collaboration.
  8.  Secure File Transfer (SFT) – Used to transfer and temporarily store files securely and in an encrypted fashion.  Used to send data to/from clients for reports, to gather information such as updated asset lists.  Optionally send reports from the Report Engine.

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