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David Millier

What Does a SaaS Provider Do?

By David Millier November 27, 2017

Cloud computing has given rise to the software as a service (SaaS) model. Under SaaS, a business no..

6 Tips for Tech Analysts to Improve Efficiency

By David Millier November 22, 2017

The tech analysts working in the IT departments of many businesses don’t have an easy go of things...

5 Advantages of Using ITSM Software

By David Millier November 20, 2017

You know that using IT service management has been a huge advantage for your business, but have you..

Introduction to ITSM

By David Millier November 17, 2017

"Traditional" can be a good thing. Wearing your lucky silk tie that helped you nail your first..

The Many Benefits of Operations & Compliance Management Software (OCM)

By David Millier November 13, 2017

Whether you’re the CEO or part of the IT team, you know how important it is to keep your operations..

Why You Should Consider a Cloud-Based Platform to Manage Compliance

By David Millier November 10, 2017

You know all of the advantages of using a compliance management platform to help you keep on top of..

4 Things You Should Know about Cybersecurity

By David Millier October 27, 2017

At first glance, cybersecurity might seem like it’s easy or even straightforward. Most..

Here's Why You Need a Risk-Based Approach to Vulnerability Remediation

By David Millier October 25, 2017

Many businesses mistakenly assume that by complying with industry standards and legislation, their..

6 Best Practices For IT Service Management

By David Millier October 9, 2017

IT service management is an important feature of today’s IT departments. No matter which ITSM..

How to Rethink Your Compliance Approach

By David Millier October 2, 2017

After Whole Foods, Equifax, Deloitte and so many other companies were hacked, it's important to go..

7 Tips for Dealing with Internet Security Threats

By David Millier September 4, 2017

Can you honestly say that you believe your system is safe from security threats? Probably not. It’s..


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