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David Millier

How to Make Effective Use of IT Time and Stabilize Security Costs

By David Millier April 28, 2017

There's truth to the old saying that time is money, and to prove it, most businesses need look no..

How to Be PCI Compliant

By David Millier April 26, 2017

If your organization is in the business of accepting credit card payments, you know you need to be..

Software as a Service

By David Millier April 24, 2017

As the world of technology evolves, so does the world of business. Computers revolutionized the..

How Workflow Management Can Save Time and Simplify Processes

By David Millier April 21, 2017

In today’s tough business environment, organizations have to stay sharp and seek out advantages..

The Five Benefits of Operations & Compliance Management Software (OCM)

By David Millier April 19, 2017

Most CEOs and It staff know how important it is to keep your operations compliant with new..

Don’t Get Fired Over Compliance Issues: Read This!

By David Millier April 17, 2017

Compliance issues create tricky situations for employees. While most rules and regulations are easy..

6 Ways to Implement IT Service Management

By David Millier April 14, 2017

IT service management is an important feature of today’s IT departments. No matter which ITSM..

Common Misconceptions About Compliance and How to Rethink Your Approach

By David Millier April 12, 2017


Being compliant is an important first step for businesses looking to ramp up their security..

A Risk-Based Approach to Vulnerability Remediation: Why Your Organization Should Follow This Best Practice

By David Millier April 10, 2017

Many businesses mistakenly assume that by complying with industry standards and legislation, their..

What is OFSI?

By David Millier April 7, 2017

What is OFSI?  Chances are you’ve heard the acronym “OSFI” tossed around if you work in the..

How to Improve ROI and IT Efficiency

By David Millier April 3, 2017

Can ITSM Improve IT Efficiency and ROI?

Even as more and more businesses make the switch to IT..


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