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If it weren’t for our users…

By Maria Catricala September 20, 2017

When you ask the people about computer security, most would probably say that hackers and viruses..

How to Protect Your Business From Ransomware Attacks

By Maria Catricala September 8, 2017

A quick glance of the recent news shows an alarming trend of malware and ransomware attacks on..

Biometrics: To Use or Not to Use?!

By Alix Postan August 18, 2017

According to a Scalar Security Study Report, 81% of respondents admit that cyberattacks are..

Your computer could be in danger of another ransomware attack

By Alix Postan June 30, 2017

This specific ransomware is called: Petrwrap.

Ransomware is a malicious software that either..

Trump Administration’s Cyber Security Strategy

By Alix Postan May 19, 2017

On May 11th, President Trump finally signed an executive order for cybersecurity protocols. This..

3 Ways to Improve Remediation Management

By David Millier May 17, 2017

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, you will never be completely safe from..

Around the World with WannaCry

By Alix Postan May 15, 2017

Ransomware viruses have been on the rise since 2005, with the most recent virus called WannaCry –..

What is HIPAA Compliance?

By David Millier May 10, 2017

With revisions to federal legislation around the security and storage of health information in the..

Why Vulnerability Assessments Are Insufficient

By David Millier May 8, 2017

You know you need to be compliant with all the standards and legislation affecting your industry,..

What Businesses Need to Know about IT Security

By David Millier May 5, 2017

Even though many businesses are increasingly concerned about security in an increasingly insecure..

Top 4 Ways to Better Manage Vulnerabilities

By David Millier May 1, 2017

Business executives have been told over and over again just how important managing vulnerabilities..

How to Make Effective Use of IT Time and Stabilize Security Costs

By David Millier April 28, 2017

There's truth to the old saying that time is money, and to prove it, most businesses need look no..


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