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Isn’t it time for a new, comprehensive way to display and track your compliance requirements?


Uzado offers the option to take existing standards or create your own, then design tasks and controls to satisfy any requirements. You can build out visual workflows to govern your performance for tasks and controls and map them accordingly. Automation within the platform means that you can set up regular frequency for compliance checks and create attestation records, leveraging Uzado’s workflow engine to provide effective, proactive compliance management. You’ll know when you’re out of compliance long before the auditors, thus ensuring you can be ahead of the game for uninterrupted business.



When tracking your compliance through Uzado, attestation tickets may contain one or more SCTs (Special Compliance Tickets), which are used specifically to connect requirements to the tasks and actions necessary to achieve compliance validation. The attestation tickets provide visual workflows that manage the compliance validation process, allowing you to go in-depth with each SCT for complete understanding into the activities and progress leading up to completion.



Through Uzado’s comprehensive workflow engine, you have the choice for each task/activity to be one of two varieties: enforceable, requiring the user to complete it before moving forward, or optional, providing the possibility to circumvent a task if it can’t be completed for whatever reason at that time. By providing the options, you can both prevent missteps in your processes and workflows, yet still have the flexibility to avoid stalling in the face of a roadblock.



The Uzado Compliance Manager is an engine that builds and manages relationships between standards, controls, and workflows. Within the platform, a standard could be either a regulatory standard (PCI, HIPPA, SOX), a corporate-defined policy (internal security policy, wireless policy, acceptable internet use, etc.), or a general set of periodic operational tasks (daily, weekly, monthly, ad hoc). All of these standards are referred to as requirements, which you then create and modify tasks and controls to describe in detail how to satisfy them. To complete the loop, you build visual workflow processes that are mapped directly to the tasks and controls to show what the user must do to satisfy the requirement.



Processes consist of any and all steps that contain the activities which must be completed either by the user or automatically by the system. Uzado’s Visual Workflows show you exactly which step you are on towards validating your compliance through completion of tasks. These tasks can be transferred amongst team members, allowing multiple-user contributions to a single process, thereby speeding up the progress. Processes can be linked together, and activities can be enforced as a prerequisite for further actions and/or other workflows, ensuring that the order of operations stays clear and focused.

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