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Leverage Uzado's powerful engine and harness the power of an industry-leading It Service Management platform with a focus on incident and vulnerability Management, while helping to manage compliance like no other software on the market.




Without guidelines, most people will develop their own distinct way of solving tasks, which in a business environment can be confusing at best and chaotic at worst, leading to inconsistent results as well as lost time, money, and resources for your organization. By engaging Uzado’s workflow engine, the core of all services that run within the platform, each task gains consistency, repeatability, and auditability. Through customization, each step of your workflow can have more than one action or activity that can be performed either by a user or by the system through automation. There is no need to ask what the next step is, because it is laid out in a highly comprehensible manner, in turn reducing time spent on training and review. Uzado will have your business flowing in the right direction in no time!



Employing best practices means that you hold your business to a higher standard. To help you achieve this, Uzado’s ticketing system leverages ITIL-aligned practices without forcing you to change your current procedures while enhancing them to bring your business in line with best practices or even create these practices where none exist – you decide what makes sense for your business. ITIL has proven over time that it can help organizations achieve more of their strategic objectives, manage IT costs more successfully, and increase business productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Uzado combines these principles with our integrated CMDB (configuration management database), populated with your organization’s CIs (configuration items), to align your assets to incidents, vulnerabilities, and compliance. Being able to map out the relationship between these information systems and your CIs is invaluable to ensuring the smooth operation of your IT services. The tool that puts all of these into perspective is Uzado’s service catalogue, complete with standardized and repeatable descriptions and formats that help users understand what IT services are available and how to manage them.



The right dashboard can be a lifesaver for analysts and management alike. Who wouldn’t want a system that gives you all of the insight you need at a glance? Uzado’s dashboard queues allow users to search through a wealth of information on tickets and assets and then save the results. These customized queues provide 3 key features: easy access to reports of any item matching the search, dynamic KPIs and metrics used for alerting, trending, and reporting, and the ability to export results in the format of your choice (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.). By leveraging Uzado’s powerful engine, all of the information you require will be at your fingertips when and where you need it most: now.






Time is always of the essence when it comes to your business. Uzado’s visualization of processes and tasks can turn productivity and comprehension up to 11! By eliminating the need for external sources (i.e. hard-copies, wikis, SharePoint, etc.), analysts will save huge amounts of time and can therefor focus on what they do best. The visualization of processes will show the user which step they are working on at any given point and what, if any, tasks and activities need to be completed in order to move forward. Your team will be able to manage tasks and get results in a fraction of the time they would normally need with Uzado’s intuitive platform.



Uzado introduces tasks within its workflows then takes their functionality to a new level. Within each task you can designate the action in three different ways: 1. enforced, making it impossible to move to the next task before completion of this step, 2. Semi-compulsory, to be completed if possible, but can be circumvented if necessary, 3. elective, tasks that may or may not need to be done depending on the situation. By customizing the tasks and processes within a workflow, you can ensure consistency and repeatability at every step while still allowing for the flexibility of a user to move on without getting locked in on certain items. To enforce or not – the choice is yours and what’s right for your business.




In a traditional approach to vulnerability management you run a scan against your asset(s), get the result, and pass those results on to the resource that will be fixing any discovered vulnerabilities – rinse and repeat ad nauseam per your schedule (weekly/monthly/quarterly). On their own, these repeated scans provide little understanding of what, if anything, was done with previous scan results. Uzado introduces true vulnerability lifecycle management using its Remediation Management Methodology. Once a scan is run, the results are fed directly into Uzado, which automatically assigns results to the user responsible for each asset and gives them detailed information on all vulnerabilities, including remediation. Uzado will then track the user’s progress and report on it all the way through to resolution. When the next round of scanning takes place, Uzado’s database will be there to provide a wealth of knowledge to compare it to, providing meaningful metrics for security and patching. This means no more guessing or making inferences to how well or poorly this lifecycle is being managed.



Uzado makes streamlining the remediation process easy by allowing the user to quickly dig into an SVT to determine what is needed to eliminate an exposure. Vulnerabilities can be resolved one at a time, or users can leverage the Mass Actions engine to select various vulnerabilities to be resolved with a single action. Finding Tickets contain graphic summaries of relevant SVT information updated in real-time as the user performs remediation activities, which means managing your remediation process becomes highly visible at all stages. 


Never again wonder about a particular vulnerability, its impact, or how to resolve it! Uzado’s SMBAD database is designed to allow a user to quickly search and find vulnerabilities related to an asset, groups of assets, a particular operating system, sever type, or application – they’re all accessible and searchable! Results can then be exported from Uzado into CSV or PDF in order to share them, for example, with an incident response team during investigation. The wealth of Uzado’s accumulated knowledge is at your fingertips.





Used to transfer and store files securely and in an encrypted fashion.  Used to send data to/from clients for reports, to gather information such as updated asset lists.  Optionally send reports from the Report Engine.  



Set of app. 30 reports for ITSM and Vulnerability Manager, additional reports to be created post April 1st for OCM.  Reports can be selected, time frames identified, report output selected (PDF, CSV, Excel, etc.) and then the report can either be generated and provided to user via the SFT engine or can be transferred to the Report Manager for storage/archival purposes.



Windows style File Explorer.  Organizations can create folders and share reports and documents with everyone in company.  Report Engine can generate reports and populate in folders in Report Manager.  User can create their own unique folders, upload reports, documents, client support information, etc.  Users can also share their folders with one or more users to allow collaboration.


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