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Simplifying IT has become our specialty. We started out as a cybersecurity provider, but have expanded our services to streamline IT practices. Uzado takes the digital intelligence and combines it with human intelligence, to create unique Insights that will help you make better business decisions. Uzado has developed a cutting-edge, user-friendly platform that offers simple risk management, real-time reporting, and more - all at your fingertips. This advanced system allows users to gain a greater understanding of their technical network, while working towards a more secure strategy.

rsz_11untitled.png Insights Management

Insights reveal a snapshot of the organization either at a single point in time, or can show trending information over a period of time. Uzado's insights will shed perspective on any efficiencies or redundancies that might occur throughout operations.

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rsz_picture8.png Vulnerability & Remediation

Uzado has developed a methodology that ranks all of the company's assets, making it easier to determine which vulnerabilities should be tackled first, with the end goal of reducing the number of threats

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rsz_picture1.png Operations & Compliance

Uzado's platform walks users through the implementation of compliant operations. The platform can also notify users of upcoming dates, assign tasks to multiple users, and track the progress of reaching the compliance standards.

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rsz_1picture2-1.png Incident Management

Incident Management allows users to report, escalate, and prioritize incidents on an as needed basis. Each incident can also be tracked to monitor at which stage it is, the steps needed to fix it, and reporting once the incident is solved.

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