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3 Common Misconceptions about Cyber Security

3-Common-Misconceptions-about-Cyber-Security.jpgCyber security is an increasingly prevalent issue that many companies face on a daily basis.  Statistics show an exponential increase in attacks, with over 230,000 malware samples a day. And 68% of funds lost due to a cyber security breach were found to beunrecoverable. These staggering numbers leave many organizations feeling hopeless. With an increase in criminal activity, though, there is also an increase in knowledge and know-how to protect companies’ valuable assets.

A look into three misconceptions about cyber security will equip companies with the knowledge of what to realistically expect from cyber security.

1. Minor Issues Won’t Affect Me

Many business owners believe that if they were toface a cyberattack,then chances are it will be minor (at first). The idea is that a small risk will be insignificant and will work to alert company management that it is time take action. Wrong! According to Canada’s Public Safety website, that reasoning simply won’t work in the world of cyber security. Even cyber hackers with minimal experience can cause significant damage. Attacks that are minor can still cause extensive damage, amounting to greater costs than if cyber security was in place before the attack. 

Any data breach will inevitably require dealing with the breach itself as well as the costs of security measures. It doesn’t benefit companies to function one step behind—they save nothing in the long run. Data breaches can add up to millions in regulatory fines, so it’s definitely better to be safe than sorry. 

2. It’s Okay—the IT Department Is Safe

Incorporating rigid cyber security practices into a company is essential to securing its daily business affairs, but that goes beyond just the IT department. Many companies wrongly assume that only the IT department needs protection. But cyberattacks are trickier than ever—not all breaches are about data or money. Breaches are sometimes used to access organizations’ facilities or to threaten employees. Cyber security is for the protection of the entire company.

3. With Cyber Security on Your Side, You’re Invincible

While there are many ways to incorporate cyber security into a company, there are also many avenues of vulnerability. The variables range drastically from what the cyber attackers are looking to gain, what area of the company they are targeting, and the tools they use to achieve their objective.

It’s virtually impossible to cover every basis, but with protection, companies are in a much better position to overcome anything that might get through. Action needs to be taken swiftly, which requires that the correct process, technology and people come together without any delay. All parties should be in place to take prompt action to not only be able to secure, but also detect any irregularities within the network of a company.

A Risk-Based Approach  to Vulnerability Remediation



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