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6 Reasons ITSM Is a Great Tool

6-Reasons-ITSM-Is-a-Great-Tool.jpgAnyone already using IT service management knows it’s a great tool that has plenty of advantages for their business. If you’re not already on board the ITSM train—or even if you are—you may not be aware of just how many ways it’s good for your business. Here are six reasons IT service management is a great tool.

6. Standardization and Integration

One reason ITSM is so useful is that it will help you standardize your IT procedures across multiple departments and divisions. Tools like workflow management software not only help your IT staff, but they also help employees across an organization do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. It also means that everyone in the company is running the latest software with the latest patches, and knows the same protocols and procedures, which helps information flow through departments. Integration on this level also helps create standards everyone in your company can adhere to.

5. Higher Efficiency

IT professionals are good at what they do, but ask any of them and they’ll say that the right tools make their lives easier. ITSM’s penchant for standardizing and integrating methods and tools across divisions can make life in the IT department more efficient. That’s because data is collected and stored in a uniform manner, and everyone is using the same standards and procedures to implement fixes and changes. The paradigm also has a focus on preventative measureswhich often take less time and effort to implementand a view to continual review and improvement of processes.

4. Constant Improvement

ITSM encourages IT departments—and whole companies, by extension—to imagine where a process can be simplified: by moving steps around, by eliminating unnecessary ones, or even by automating them. Accountable procedures and better data collection also help you run cost-benefit analyses quickly and easily, which means you spend less time guessing if a change will save you time and money. That means you can be sure you’ll be constantly improving your workflow, and your team will be looking for new ways to do things better.

3. Reduced Costs

Perhaps most importantly, ITSM can help your business reduce costs. More efficient delivery of services helps your employees save time and money, and emphasis on continual revision of processes encourages you to make changes to procedures in order to realize more efficiencies and higher rates of return. Preventative maintenance is worth a pound of cure, and ITSM encourages your IT team to work toward continual improvement through constant review.

2. Putting Together a Puzzle

An ITSM framework can make linking incident records, service requests, and problem logs easier, especially when specialized software is used. This can save time, as it highlights issues affecting multiple users and links those problems or incidents back to the source. Standardized procedures can also speed up resolutions and reduce incidents of miscommunication when more than one person works on solving a problem. That means your employees don’t need to spend time riddling out what the best process is, or digging for the root cause of a problem.

1. Adapting to a Mobile World

Many employees now telecommute or work remotely, and increased globalization means your employees might work all over the globe or attend business meetings in any number of locales. That means today’s workforce relies more heavily on mobile technology and cloud storage than ever before. Having standardized procedures and integration across your departments increases your ability to use new technologies to do business anywhere in the world and to support your employees—no matter where they’re working or which device they’re working on. That increases productivity, which is good news for your bottom line.

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