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Alix Postan

Is Facebook to blame for the Cambridge Analytica Scandal?

By Alix Postan April 18, 2018

Facebook is known for generating detailed and relevant analytics about their users. They’ve always..

FAQ’s about Compliance 

By Alix Postan March 30, 2018

What does ‘compliance’ mean in terms of cybersecurity?

Much like the commonly-known definition,..

Advice From Uzado's Risk Management Consultant

By Alix Postan March 14, 2018

Courtesy of Howard Solomon, from IT World Canada:

CISOs often dream about adding hands to the..

IT World Canada: Top Canadian Cyber Security Stories of 2017

By Alix Postan March 12, 2018

Courtesy of Howard Solomon, from IT World Canada:

Equifax. In one word that sums up the terrible..

Are you Ready for GDPR?

By Alix Postan March 9, 2018

Canadian businesses: it’s time to prepare for GDPR. Why? In May 2018, the EU will mandate that ALL..

7 Benefits of Using Incident Management Software 

By Alix Postan March 2, 2018

Incident Management (IM) software is critical for technical support teams who are responsible for..

Spotted: Soldiers at Top Secret Army Bases Using Fitness Apps – Just Like Us!

By Alix Postan February 9, 2018

Everywhere you look, it seems someone is using some form of a fitness tracker. Whether it’s a fad..

What is an MSSP and Does my Organization Need One?

By Alix Postan January 24, 2018

Often times, organizations face the challenge of needing additional resources but have a..

What is The Biggest Mistake You Can Make Online?

By Alix Postan January 19, 2018

Answer: Setting a weak password!


Think about it, you need a password for any type of login,..

Four Security Measures You Need to Tackle in 2018

By Alix Postan January 12, 2018

2017 was a year that saw many high-profile cybersecurity breaches in various industries. Retailers..

Everything You Need to Know About Encryption

By Alix Postan January 8, 2018

You likely use encryption every day, whether you know it or not. Banking apps, WhatsApp, credit..


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