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How Your Business Can Benefit from ITSM Software


IT service management (ITSM) offers businesses a significant advantage over traditional IT. But even if your business implements ITSM and has brilliant IT employees, things can still go wrong. That’s why you need to supply your team with the best possible tools for the job: ITSM software.

What Is ITSM Software?

This would seem to be self-evident: ITSM software is software that supports the ITSM process. But what does that software actually do? And what does it look like?

Sometimes referred to as ITSM tools, this is specialized software, often focused on workflow-driven processes. Often bundled in “suites,” ITSM tools will support not just one process, but several. The core of the suite is usually the workflow management system. This system handles incidents, service requests, problems, and changes. Another tool commonly packaged in suites is a configuration management database (CMDB). ITSM tools should fulfill certain functional requirements (such as supporting automatic date and time stamping), to support ITIL’s recommended processes.

There’s a great variety of software suites available to support your ITSM processes. Since one of the greatest benefits of using ITSM in the first place is that it can be customized to your business’s needs, it follows that the tools that support those processes should also be customizable to an extent. While some businesses or vendors will opt for a suite that manages all of their processes, others may opt to implement only core tools or a less extensive suite.

Why You Need It

If you’ve implemented ITSM processes or you’re thinking about doing so, then it goes without saying that your business needs to invest in ITSM software too. Not giving your IT team the tools they need to implement ITSM processes properly is only going to frustrate them—and everyone else in your organization. But there are other benefits of using specialized software to support ITSM in your business. In fact, some of the benefits of using these tools will convince you that you need to be using an ITSM suite.

Easy Linking

An ITSM suite can facilitate linking between incident records, service requests, and problem and change logs. The software will often enable linking between these records. The tools can also link these records to configuration items in the CMDB. This can save time and it can also highlight issues affecting multiple users and link those problems or incidents back to changes or configuration information. It can also speed up resolution and the flow of information if, say, two different people are working on the same problem or if there’s a recurrent incident.

Manage Change in a Mobile World

More and more employers have employees who telecommute or work remotely. Employees who travel may rely on a smartphone to retrieve documents to take to an important meeting. All in all, today’s workforce relies more heavily on mobile technology and cloud storage than ever before. ITSM suites provide specialized tools for managing things like public/private cloud storage and for providing better service for employees on the go.

Cost Reductions

Just like ITSM processes can save your business money, so too can using the right tools for the job. ITSM software is specialized, designed specifically to support ITSM processes. Using it helps IT professionals implement those practices more efficiently and seamlessly, meaning you spend less time dealing with frustrating tech issues that keep you from doing important work. Preventative maintenance is worth a pound of cure and ITSM tools allow your IT team to keep a better eye on your systems so they can nip any issue in the bud.

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