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Is Data Safe in the Cloud?


When you save something to the cloud, do you give it a second thought? Or do you just forget about it?

Even though the cloud is invisible and intangible, it can still be hacked. This type of external storage is easily forgotten, until you get a notification saying that the storage is almost full and your phone can’t complete a backup.

In reality, almost 18% of data in the cloud contains personally identifiable information, and companies face more than 20 cloud security threats per month (JaxEnter). This is means that companies receive more than 2 security threats every 3 days, in any given month. This could become very problematic when it comes to keeping personal information confidential. This means that Cloud Service Providers need to ensure that they are using the proper security tools to safeguard the stored data.

For organizations, visibility is an important issue. It can be easy for users to access certain files in the cloud, if the proper security tools aren’t in place. Encryption procedures, user data security, and multi-factor authentication will help protect that sensitive information.

Other tools that can help to secure data in the cloud are:

  • Cloud Firewall: protect low-level threats while data is transferred in and out of the cloud
  • Cloud Data Encryption: Encryption turns regular text and files into ciphertext, which is harder for people to decode
  • Secure Web Gateways: protects devices from unwanted software/malware from user-initiated web/internet traffic
  • User Access Control: provides users with access, only to the files they would need – not all files

Aside from these tools, it’s also important to remember that there are compliance standards for cloud systems. Even if you outsource your cloud storage, it’s important to follow the Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Controls Matrix. Contact Uzado for more information on compliance standards and software.

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