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Is Ransomware Recovery a Scam?

By Maria Catricala December 27, 2019

ProRepublica has published a story about how some ransomware recovery companies are just paying the..

Favourite Security Memes

By Maria Catricala December 25, 2019


Merry Christmas everyone!  As we near the end of the year, I thought I’d share some of my..

City of Woodstock Ransomware Attempt Update

By Maria Catricala December 23, 2019

You may recall in September that it was reported that the City of Woodstock suffered a breach.  At..

Social Engineering: Are you Prepared?

By Maria Catricala December 20, 2019

Exactly what is social engineering?  It sounds like something complicated and technical, when the..

Cyber Attacks Surge Over the Holidays

By Maria Catricala December 16, 2019

Don’t let the holiday season lull you into a false belief that your computer, networks and internet..

CRTC Announces Program to Protect Canadians from Scammers

By Maria Catricala December 13, 2019

The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission announced on Monday that it would implement a..

10 Tips For Detecting Phishing Emails

By Maria Catricala December 11, 2019

The thought of phishing emails is enough to panic most seasoned cyber security professionals. ..

New Ransomware Attacks NAS Devices: How to Protect Your Organization From This Threat

By Maria Catricala December 6, 2019

Ransomware continues to be the big story of the year. We see over and over how companies are..


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