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Survey says Canadians Confident in Protecting Their Data, but Need More Cybersecurity Education

Canadian flagA recent survey conducted by Palo Alto Networks and YouGov found that 56% of Canadian respondents say they are doing all they can do to prevent a loss of information on their smartphones, tablets and IOT devices. 

The poll asked over 1,000 Canadian adults to examine individuals’ perceived views of cyberthreats and their level of cybersecurity preparedness in their digital lives.

The survey also identified other factors that would make Canadians feel more secure online, including:

  • Knowing what they can do to protect themselves and their families (56%).
  • Knowing that more cybercriminals are being caught and punished (32%).
  • Knowing there is a government official or agency responsible for cybersecurity (26%).
  • More transparency from companies about their cybersecurity best practices, such as the type of software they use or the number of employees working on their cybersecurity (26%).
  • Learning about the risks of being online in simpler terms (24%).

Knowledge is key in the fight against cybercrime, so it is interesting to note that only 28% of respondents agree that the government and schools are doing enough to educate the public around managing cybersecurity. For respondents ages 18-24, this drops to 16%. This shows that there is a great need for more cybersecurity education in Canada.

Clearly industry and public educators can do more to educate the public on cyber security.  For individuals, Norton has published 11 tips to protect yourself from cybercrime, which includes regularly updating your software.  For businesses, most of these tips apply, but on a larger scale.  When in doubt, businesses can always engage the services of an MSSP to help bolster their security posture.

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