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The Hulk of Encryption Machines

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The ‘Hulk’ of encryption machines is finally here! The IBM Z Mainframe can encrypt approximately 13 gigabytes of data per second, per chip, with roughly 24 chips per mainframe – approximately 312 gigabytes of data per second.  With over 6 billion transistors dedicated to cryptography, the IBM Z Mainframe can encrypt all data. That’s right, ALL data.

Data encryption is not flawless; however, it is easy to notice which data is the most valuable when all the important information is encrypted. Hackers are likely to spend the time to decrypt information if the value of that information will pay off, in the end (i.e. credit card information, social security numbers, etc.). The IBM Z Mainframe, solves this problem by encrypting all data, easily and quickly. If all of an organization’s data is encrypted, it’s harder to decipher which is the most valuable data.

Not only that, the IBM Z Mainframe can also tell if someone is trying to tamper with it. First off, all the decryption keys are stored in a tamper-resistant way. Secondly, according to Wired: “At any sign of an intrusion, the system can automatically invalidate all of its keys until the breach is mitigated.”

As a reminder, emails are not secure. Secure file transmission should be a high priority for organizations, when sending files internally or externally. Uzado’s Secure File Transfers (SFT) software uses end-to-end encryption. To learn more, click the button below to request a demo of Uzado’s services.

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For more information on the IBM Z Mainframe, visit IBM.



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