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FAQ’s about Compliance 

By Alix Postan March 30, 2018

What does ‘compliance’ mean in terms of cybersecurity?

Much like the commonly-known definition,..

5 Signs You Should Invest In an MSSP

By Maria Catricala March 23, 2018

An MSSP is a Managed Security Services Partner.  MSSPs are responsible for Identifying and..

Are You Ready for GDPR?

By Maria Catricala March 21, 2018

GDPR, the European Union’s new data Privacy legislation is set to come into effect May 25 of this..

Being Compliant Does Not Mean Your Business Is Secure

By David Millier March 16, 2018

It’s a serious mistake—and one that too many people make all too often: assuming that your business..

Are you Ready for GDPR?

By Alix Postan March 9, 2018

Canadian businesses: it’s time to prepare for GDPR. Why? In May 2018, the EU will mandate that ALL..

Why You Should Consider a Cloud-Based Platform to Manage Compliance

By David Millier February 26, 2018

You know all of the advantages of using a compliance management platform to help you keep on top of..

Why You Should Prioritize Ongoing Security Instead of Compliance 

By David Millier February 16, 2018

Compliance is the starting point to becoming secure for many companies. But while making your..

The Equifax Hack: 5 Months Later

By Maria Catricala February 14, 2018

Equifax, one of the three main credit reporting companies, revealed in September 2017 that they..

Think security isn’t a big deal? It could cost you!

By Maria Catricala February 12, 2018

 2017 was a year of many attention-grabbing headlines, informing us how hackers have managed to..

What is an MSSP and Does my Organization Need One?

By Alix Postan January 24, 2018

Often times, organizations face the challenge of needing additional resources but have a..


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