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6 Things You Need to do After a Cyber Security Breach

By Maria Catricala January 6, 2021

The unthinkable has happened: your company has suffered a breach. If you are wondering how you are..

What You Need to Know About the European Medicines Agency Hack

By Maria Catricala December 21, 2020

It was announced on December 9 that the European Medicines Agency had suffered a cyber incident...

What Canada’s New Digital Privacy Act Could Mean For Businesses

By Maria Catricala November 18, 2020

Yesterday, Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains introduced the Digital Charter Implementation Act. The..

Don’t Want to Pay Fines, Don’t Get Breached!

By Maria Catricala November 4, 2020

What do British Airways and Marriott Hotels have in common? Both were handed substantial fines by..

What Global Privacy Laws Should You Worry About?

By Maria Catricala October 29, 2020

People are growing more and more concerned over the use of their personal data by companies..

5 Reasons You Should Partner With an MSSP

By Maria Catricala October 5, 2020

An MSSP is a Managed Security Services Partner. MSSPs are responsible for Identifying and..

Should Your Law Firm be Worried About Compliance?

By Maria Catricala August 17, 2020

The short answer is yes! Law firms deal with sensitive and valuable information daily.  As a result..

How Not to Lose Business Due to Compliance

By Maria Catricala July 1, 2020

Here’s a situation you may not have thought about.  You are a partner in a professional services..

How Organizations Are Failing at Compliance Management

By Maria Catricala June 5, 2020

When life returns to “normal” will compliance still be important?  The simple answer is yes.  While..

Law Firms and Their Compliance Obligations

By Maria Catricala May 29, 2020

Law firms deal with sensitive and valuable information daily.  As a result of this, law firms have..

Marriott Suffers a Second Data Breach

By Maria Catricala April 6, 2020

Who says lighting doesn’t strike the same place twice? On March 31, hotel chain Marriott announced..


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