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Cyber Tips for Holiday Shoppers

By Maria Catricala November 19, 2018

The winter holiday season is upon us.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are coming.  Shopify..

So, How Much Does a Breach Cost?

By Maria Catricala November 2, 2018

For many business owners, trying to quantify an ROI (return on investment) for cyber security can..

The Recipe Unlimited Ransomware Attack: An Example of How a Security Breach Can Cost Your Business

By Maria Catricala October 31, 2018

Big Canadian restaurant chain Recipe Unlimited was hit by a cyberattack on September 28, 2018. ..

The Latest Facebook Breach: What Could This Mean for Your Business?

By Maria Catricala October 10, 2018

Facebook recently announced a breach which exposed the information of 50 Million users.  The..

When Crime does pay: Crime is cheaper and more accessible than ever!

By Maria Catricala October 5, 2018

Maybe you have heard of SaaS (Software as a Service), as an easy way to deliver software..

Ransomware on the Increase in Canada, While More Canadian Firms buy Cyber Insurance

By Maria Catricala September 12, 2018

If 2017 was the year for ransomware globally, 2018 is the year that Canadian firms were forced to..

Five Things To Do To Prevent Ransomware

By Maria Catricala September 10, 2018

One of the biggest trends in cybersecurity in 2017 was in the increase and severity of ransomware...

Are You Confident That Your Cybersecurity Strategy Could Prevent an Insider Breach?

By Maria Catricala September 7, 2018

A recent survey of IT Security professionals conducted by Imperva has found that 43% believe they..

Why you Need a Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity

By Maria Catricala August 22, 2018

The business world has changed so much, that just about every business conducts itself online. ..

Freaky Friday! Weird Security News

By Maria Catricala August 10, 2018

FCC Lies About Hack to Avoid Net Neutrality Comments

Last year, the FCC’s (Federal Communications..


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