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Cyber Tips for Holiday Shoppers

By Maria Catricala November 19, 2018

The winter holiday season is upon us.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are coming.  Shopify..

Weird Phishing Email Scams: How to spot them and how to avoid being hacked!

By Maria Catricala November 16, 2018

Wikipedia defines phishing as “the fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as..

Data From Almost All Pakistani Banks Stolen: Could it Happen in North America?

By Maria Catricala November 14, 2018

Zee News in India reported last week that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Pakistan has..

Why Small Business is a Big Target for Hackers

By Maria Catricala November 12, 2018

Think your business is too small to be of interest to a cyber criminal?  Think again.  While big..

Canada Post Breach or Ontario Cannabis store Breach? Who’s responsible?

By Maria Catricala November 9, 2018

Canada Post admitted on November 7th that it suffered a breach of it’s delivery tracking system. ..

Nothing Can Disrupt a Business Faster Than a Data Breach

By Kimberly Sharpe November 7, 2018

Breach readiness must take center stage for every organization. It is no longer a matter of ‘if’ a..

So, How Much Does a Breach Cost?

By Maria Catricala November 2, 2018

For many business owners, trying to quantify an ROI (return on investment) for cyber security can..

The Recipe Unlimited Ransomware Attack: An Example of How a Security Breach Can Cost Your Business

By Maria Catricala October 31, 2018

Big Canadian restaurant chain Recipe Unlimited was hit by a cyberattack on September 28, 2018. ..

Who's the Biggest Target for Cyber-Attacks

By Alix Postan October 29, 2018

Move over Avocado Toast… Here’s the real reason why Millennials can’t afford to buy property in..

There's No Such Thing as a Small Breach

By Maria Catricala October 24, 2018

Lately it seems data breaches are becoming more commonplace. Hardly a week goes by without the..

What You Need to Know: IDS, IPS and HIDS

By Alix Postan October 19, 2018

Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and Host-Based Intrusions..

The Fear of Globalization: Why Cybersecurity Could be at Risk via Foreign Chip Makers

By Maria Catricala October 12, 2018

When we think of globalization, we tend to think of losing jobs to foreign manufacturers who can..


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