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What Management Should Know About Buying a SIEM

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SIEM stands for Security Information and Event Management.  SIEMs takes care of the manual work required to analyze each and every log. SIEMs are critical to log management as they aggregate each log and send alerts.  So, if you are wondering why upper management is asking you to find and propose a SIEM for the company to implement, here are 5 reasons why a SIEM is beneficial to your business (and why upper management is asking for one.)

1. Visibility 

SIEMs provide visibility into the organization’s activity. Once configured, SIEMs track everything including Source IPs, Destination IPs, and Geographic Regions of users. This information allows an analyst to perform various analyses on the trends in network activity.  This visibility allows an organization to track user-behavior, device-behavior, and any other anomalies. Without this visibility, it becomes much more difficult to gauge whether there is a potential insider or outsider threat on the network.

2. Risk Mitigation

SIEMs automatically send alerts based on anomalies. Security analysts then follow up on the anomalies with an investigation. This process of Detection and Response reduces an organization’s risk as false-positives get tuned and true-positives are escalated.

3. Compliance

For an auditor to deem an organization “Compliant”, the implementation of a SIEM is required for logging events. Indeed, industry and government standards do require this.  For more information read What You Need to Know About SIEM Management.

4. Customer/Partner Contracts

Some compliance standards require third-party organizations to also comply to those standards. For example, all retailers are required to be PCI compliant, in order to offer various payment options – which are outlined in the partner agreements. Failure for your organization to comply to these contracts could result in breach of contract, dissolution of the partnership, or worse, legal ramifications.

5. Efficiently Process Data

SIEMs can manage large volumes of logs and rapidly normalize and parse them, much quicker than the average human.  While SIEMs require human intervention for managing the device, they operate 24x7. There is less strain on employees when a SIEM is involved, allowing them to do more skilled analytics, rather than manually digging through logs. This helps your IT and Security team prioritize what matters most to your business.

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