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Core Services

Getting to the CORE of IT all

We all recognize the need for a strong, cybersecurity action plan, but do you really know what that entails? There are multiple components to a cyber strategy, all of which can seem overwhelming initially, but not to worry – we’ll walk you through each section, step by step.

Uzado’s ultimate goal is to help your organization make better business decisions. Whether these insights lead to finding redundancies or determining inefficiencies, Uzado will help your business get better aligned with its goals and requirements. Uzado has developed a revolutionary approach to delivering IT Security Information Management that derives insights from existing practices and policies, which can be fine-tuned for enhanced effectiveness and efficiency – both of which will give your IT department an economic edge. We calculate detailed risk dimensions, based on specific assets and their criticality to the organization’s performance, which ensures an updated asset inventory and helps construct an action plan.



Insights Management

Insights are derived either from continuous data (i.e. from the Vulnerability Remediation Management module) or from a snapshot of a company (i.e. from the Operations and Compliance module). These insights can be combined with a consultant's comments with the goal of making better business decisions.

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Vulnerability & Remediation

Uzado's Vulnerability and Remediation Management (VRM) software scans networks (or takes existing scans from other software) for any necessary updates or patches. We then use patch management software to schedule the patch updates, and schedule any other remediation tactics necessary.

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Operations & Compliance

Most companies are required to comply to industry standards - whether you're part of the payment card industry or use cloud servers - Uzado can help monitor your operations to ensure compliance. Uzado's platform will tell you each step needed to become compliant, and can monitor your progress.

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Incident Management

Incident Management is critical to an organization's security. Incident Management software can track events and alert users based on anomalies - for example, if a user logs in to the system in two different locations at the same time. With Incident Management software, users will be less likely to experience disruptions from unexpected events.

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