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IT Service Management (ITSM)

With enforceable workflows, analysts can quickly see information about incoming alerts from security tools, with visual workflows showing them what to do next, and enforced tasks at each level providing guidance on what to do to keep an incident or service request moving forward.

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Vulnerability & Remediation Manager (VRM)

Using our built-in asset manager, we help companies understand where the risks exist based on the results, not by looking at the vulnerabilities (High, Medium, Low) but rather by looking at various “risk dimensions” we know about related to each of the assets.

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Operations & Compliance Manager (OCM)

Map out standards or sets of operational requirements, identify everything that needs to be done to be “compliant”, then leverage the built-in task scheduler to create tasks on pre-determined schedules, made up of visual workflows with action items assigned to one or more individuals or groups.

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