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Combining Data with Human Intelligence

Uzado's brand new service, now available!

Our Insights are derived from multiple data sources - including compliance surveys or periodic reports. We then combine this information with evidence from our consultants' analyses. Insights reveal a snapshot of the organization's level of maturity, either at a point in time or based on trending. These insights will shed perspective on any inefficiencies or redundancies that might occur throughout operations. Insights combine the analytical and logical thought process of the right hemisphere of the human brain, with the concrete, digital information derived from the processes and activities (shown as the left hemisphere of the brain).

Uzado's Insights uniquely cross-examine requirements within each compliance standard, in order to find similarities within the statements. We look at the results in the pre-determined sections within the standard, but also compare specific requirements across multiple sections. This way, Uzado can provide a holistic score of each specific feature. In this example, the Firewall Score combines multiple statements from multiple sections; therefore, allowing the consultant to provide specific and accurate comments that will help improve operations.






Uzado's insights calculate your progress in attaining specific goals - either goals that are determined by the organization or goals that are set out by specific compliance standards. The measurement of the goals is then calculated using the same metrics throughout the report. Not only is your organization scored against its own set of goals, but is also measured against an average industry score. This provides additional insight into the effectiveness of your company's practices against other industry players'.




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Along with detailed insights, Uzado also provides a recommended roadmap, outlining all the hard deadlines enforced by compliance regulations and the soft deadlines for implementing the consultant's suggested changes. We've found a common flaw with consulting is that there are several action items that (individually) all seem easy to implement, but is overwhelming to do them all at once. Having this roadmap solves that problem - all the tasks are spaced out along a given timeline for both the consultant and your organization to plan the implementation of each action item at a manageable rate. 






We can collect responses from all employees - anyone from the C-suite to front-line - to gain a greater grasp of the organization's operations processes and the level of compliance. Once the scores and comments are received, the security consultant will read through each response, compare against the scores, and deliver actionable comments that can be used to improve operations. It's critical to receive input from multiple users in this module, in order to gain a well-rounded impression of the organization's standing. Once the Insights are created, we will present you with solutions to help you make better business decisions, whether it's improving efficiencies or reducing redundancies, our consultants will tailor the insights based on your needs.


Insights can be used in one of four ways: Self ServeGuided Insights, Insight Roadmap, or Guided Insight with Review. 



Self Serve: The Insights Engine analyzes the results and creates an Insights Results Report.  This is entirely an automated process with no Consulting interaction



Guided Insight: A Consultant reviews all answers and ratings, offers suggestions and guidance where feasible and appropriate.  The Insights Engine analyzes all results and generates an Insights Results Report


Picture3-1.pngInsight Roadmap: In conjunction with the Guided Insight service, a Roadmap may be generated to provide visual guidance for activities which need to be undertaken to address findings captured in the Insight Results Report


Picture4-1.pngGuided Insight with Review: A Consultant reviews all answers and ratings, offers suggestions and guidance where feasible and appropriate. The Insights Engine analyzes all results and generates an Insights Results Report. A member of our team meets with you to present the findings, answer questions and assist you in determining possible next steps