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Since 2014, Uzado has been committed to eliminating IT complexities by providing streamlined IT services to meet our clients’ business needs. Our dependable on-call technicians have a solid reputation for their fast and timely response when it comes to providing IT services in the Mississauga area. As one of the most trusted IT service providers in Mississauga, we help organizations reduce costs and promote greater business agility by streamlining their IT systems and applications. Our technology services cover IT process automation, maintenance, and other end-user services.

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With almost 10 years of extensive IT experience, Uzado provides tech services to businesses in the Mississauga area. Our data-driven mindset puts a premium on analyzing data to provide actionable insights and drive business decisions. Our customized IT services are seamlessly integrated into your IT infrastructure to ensure zero disruptions, increase productivity and lessen operational costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse through these FAQs to find answers to your most commonly raised questions.

Realistically, any organization can benefit from an MSSP (big or small, established enterprises or start-ups). If you ticked off at least three of the following points, you should contact Uzado for more information:

  • You have an IT department
  • You have a website
  • You have an eCommerce site
  • You store documents electronically (on site or with a Cloud Service Provider)
  • You can build profiles on your website
  • You use social media
  • You have a database
  • Your employees have a login to access a network
  • You ever had to pay a technician
  • Mom-and-pop companies – With just a handful of employees running the business, IT security can often be overlooked. Having an MSSP will allow you to focus on the business without worrying about managing your IT security.
  • Small companies – We find that small organizations have limited resources, whether it’s financial capital or staff, but they can still face the risk of getting breached. An MSSP will manage your IT security for you, therefore saving you time and money.
  • Medium businesses – With more IT staff than a smaller business, medium businesses often neglect the security side of IT. It’s easy to get wrapped up in day-to-day IT operations, letting security fall by the wayside. An MSSP will pick up the slack, giving your IT department more time to service the organization.
  • Large businesses – So you have more staff and more funding for security, but there are too many workstations and servers in different locations for one department to monitor. You may also be required to comply with multiple industry and government standards. You will benefit from the automation and management from MSSPs, as they create more efficiencies in the workplace.
  • Enterprises – With the wealth of information and data that enterprises store, it’s critical to ensure the proper implementation of IT security measures. Making changes in these organizations is often a slow and reactive process, but an MSSP can help by accelerating change management and adopting best practices.
The “break/fix” (pay-as-you-go) model is a reactive approach to security. Once you’ve been breached, it becomes too late to fix the problem. At that point, you may have damaged your reputation, lost your customers, been forced to pay fines, etc. MSSPs take a proactive approach where they monitor, track, alert, and repair issues as they arise, rather than having to wait for a customer to report a problem. MSSPs will also patch vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Organizations may also find that a break/fix solution focuses only on a single problem, whereas an MSSP will work to fix any and all problems that arise.
Many businesses are simply overwhelmed by all the demands that come with operating in the modern IT environment. In addition to performing ongoing patch management and frequent tech upgrades, a lot of businesses also need to ensure that they are secure and follow many governmental and regulatory compliance practices. Companies can’t simply wait for something to “break” and then try to “fix it,” but should instead perform ongoing maintenance to ensure usability and avoid downtime.

There’s a very old saying, “Why fix what isn’t broken?” Well, this does not apply to cybersecurity. Here are a couple of scenarios that we frequently encounter:

  • End-of-life hardware and software are still being used in an organization — manufacturers no longer support legacy products, so they will no longer release patches for them.
  • Without continuously patching and updating systems, both hardware and software can be exploited and used as an entry point into a network.
  • Compliance standards release updated versions every few years, meaning an organization may fall out of compliance.
  • Older versions of antivirus software may not catch new viruses, but an MSSP will use a newer, more trusted version of the software to detect malware.

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