Uzado's Life Cycle

Managing the Journey...

Continuous Improvement

Uzado’s Life Cycle does not end at “Validating IT”. Users are able to go through the cycle as many times as necessary to reach specific goals and optimization. This continuous aspect forces users to start from planning the improvements, implementing them, managing the changes and validating them to ensure effectiveness; thus, creating continuous improvement. 

Governance and Risk

It’s becoming more and more important for organizations to report cybersecurity activities and strategies to board members and C-suite executives. Uzado’s platform allows users to securely communicate with stakeholders and provide evidence of actions and events. 

Metrics and Reporting

Uzado will provide your organization with actionable metrics. You will be able to see the progress your organization has made since the beginning. Reports are available instantaneously or periodically – however you choose. The Dashboard feature on the platform allows users to view KPI metrics that are updated in real-time. The insights reports provide a more detailed report with the option of including a consultant’s comments.

Step 1: Plan IT

Welcome – to your first step with Uzado. We’ve got on boarding planned to a T! If you haven’t yet mapped out industry standards and guidelines, don’t fret – Uzado can do it for you or work with you to get it done. In this stage, it’s also critical to perform a gap analysis for on boarding.

Step 2: Implement IT

Implementation is a critical point in the life cycle. Now that you have established a strong plan, Uzado will work with you to ensure that you also have a strong implementation. In this stage, Uzado can help you: build policies, build processes, build workflows,deploy tools, and align current functions and steps

Step 3: Manage IT

Now that all the systems are in place, it’s time to manage it! At this point in the life cycle, it’s important to respond to events, manage the technology and automate activities.

Step 4: Validate IT

The Validation stage in the life cycle is the most important. This is the stage where management will be able to actualize the changes made to your organization’s security practices, and utilize insights for future business decisions. Now that you have planned, implemented, and managed your IT systems, it’s time to validate the work that went into it. In this stage, Uzado can measure your overall progress, analyze the data, and provide you with detailed, actionable insights.