Operations and Compliance for Beginners

Technology can help you achieve compliance. Standards and internal policies for compliance can be mapped onto the steps in each and every process, ensuring that operations and compliance are seamlessly integrated. The choice of making an action enforceable provides additional insurance against missteps in the execution of your processes.

Managing GRC (governance risk and compliance) is also made easier with Uzado’s OCM unique ticketing system. Special Compliance Tasks (SCTs) outline the next steps you need to take toward validation and are grouped and managed in an Attestation Ticket. The detail provided with the SCTs allows users to get in-depth understanding of what’s required of them, from start to finish. If you don’t have a regulatory requirement, Uzado can recommend a standard that can be used based on industry recognized frameworks that can provide a “best practice” approach to GRC.

This eBook is intended to highlight the basics of operations and compliance management and to get you thinking about OCM software, and how it can be incorporated into your organization’s operations.

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