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Operations, Meet Compliance

Isn't it time for a new, comprehensive way to display and track your compliance requirements?

What to Look For... 

Compliance standards are very complex. With as few as 20 requirements or as many as 450, compliance standards require strict coordination amongst the entire organization, as well as diligent monitoring so as to not overlook specific dates. Auditors look for seamless implementation of all standards on an enterprise-wide level, or if not yet implemented, supporting evidence that demonstrates the organization's effort to meet these standards. Uzado's compliance manager organizes this process, provides the necessary evidence, and shows the progress of becoming compliant. You’ll know when you’re out of compliance long before the auditors; allowing you to be ahead of the game, with the added benefit of uninterrupted business.

The Uzado Compliance Manager is an engine that builds and manages relationships between standards, controls, and workflows. Within the platform, a standard could be either a regulatory standard (PCI, HIPPA, SOX), a corporate-defined policy (internal security policy, wireless policy, acceptable internet use, etc.), or a general set of periodic operational tasks (daily, weekly, monthly, ad hoc).

When considering compliance software, think of these areas:

  • Weighted Completion - Uzado recognizes that some tasks are higher priority than others; therefore, allows users to assign specific weights to specific tasks. Uzado allows users to visually see the progress of completion by showing gradient bars for each task, requirement, control point, and standard.
  • Completion Threshold - Visually tracks the progress of each task and marks it with a 'checkmark' icon for complete.
  • Compliance Rating - Compliance standards aren't always "complete/incomplete"; they can also be marked as "in progress". The compliance rating shows how progressed an organization is in meeting the compliance standard, which can be elaborated to specific control points within the standard builder.
  • Compliance Threshold - Some compliance standards require an organization to be 100% compliant, while others require at least an 80% compliance rate. Uzado tracks this threshold for each standard, and marks it with the 'X' icon for incomplete or with the 'checkmark' icon for completed requirements. 

We can't talk about compliance, without talking about Operations. Operations plays a fundamental role in IT Management that is often overlooked. Day-to-day operations determine the level of risk that the organization assumes, as well as it's level of compliance. Uzado aims to systemize and annotate each step of operations so as to simplify all IT operations. Our tools walk each user through processes from start to finish, ensuring repeatability and reliability amongst all users. We understand the need for efficient processes, which is where our Insights can help. For example, if your firewall is causing a bottleneck for incoming and outgoing communications, our consultants and our Insights can help reduce the bottleneck and increase efficiencies, while maintaining a secure network.


Workflows - Visual Processes and Activities

Workflows are assigned to each task, to ensure repeatability and reliability throughout the organization. Workflows are detailed, visual processes that walk users through the steps of completing a task, ensuring that all team members complete the tasks as needed for compliance. By assigning tasks to team members, users reduce redundancies or double-work as one member is made responsible for that task. Workflows also improve efficiencies as the level of effort is reduced as users follow a single process to completion.

Standard Builder

Untitled picture4.png

Uzado's Standard Builder breaks down each requirement within a compliance standard. Each requirement is then broken down into control points, which is further broken down into tasks. The benefit to focusing on each specific task for each specific requirement, forces organizations to conceptualize the necessary process to become compliant, as well as tracking the progress of tasks. Uzado's Standard Builder allows users to assign tasks to one or more users, create deadlines, send notifications, escalate tasks, etc. Managing operations has never been so centralized.

Attestation Tickets 


Attestation tickets group several Special Compliance Tasks (SCTs) into one ticket, and assign that ticket to one or more specific individuals. SCTs can be grouped based on similarities of whatever the user chooses. The action items are built up using workflows, so the user can gain a complete understanding of the activities and progress leading up to completion.



Uzado's Queues allow managers to track attestation tickets and Special Compliance Tasks (SCTs). SCTs are categorized as either 'Open SCTs' or 'SCTs in Progress'. Attestation tickets, can be classified as one of the following: New Tickets, Open Tickets, Open Critical Tickets, Opened High Tickets, Opened Medium Tickets, Opened Low Tickets, Opened Informational Tickets, Closed Tickets, or Tickets on Hold. Managers are able to filter the tickets to see how many tickets (and which tickets) are within each category, and which ticket is assigned to which employee.