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Platform Features

Everything you can expect from Uzado

There's no need to worry about downloading software or applications when working with Uzado, everything is done online! By using a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, you are able to access your company's dashboard anywhere, anytime, on any device. Users, also, have the benefit of:

  • Collaborating ideas and sharing information with other individuals;
  • Inter-departmental communications made easier;
  • Instant updates that run automatically, without slowing down your work; and
  • An overall, cost-effective tool to manage your network! 



My Dashboards

The right dashboard can be a lifesaver for analysts and management alike. Who wouldn’t want a system that gives you all of the insight you need at a glance? Uzado’s dashboard queues allow users to search through a wealth of information on tickets and assets and then save the results.


Secure File Transfer (SFT)

Sending files should not create vulnerabilities, but it does, as emails are not secure. This feature, however, will encrypt your message so that you can send messages through the platform without worrying about downloading viruses.


Report Engine

Generate limitless reports at any point in time for review. The Report Engine can generate any information from the current status of security controls, to exposing legacy software that no longer supports updates or software patches.


Report Manager

After the Report Engine generates the reports, those reports will be found in the Report Manager. Download, upload and share any files with your colleagues. ``This is a secure way for filesharing!


Multi-Factor Authentication

Organizations can opt-in for this feature, where users are required to input additional login information to access the platform. Uzado has set up text messaging or calling services which provide a unique code, which then expires after 30 seconds.


Patch Management

Uzado can scan your network, determine necessary patches, and schedule those patches to be implemented automatically at a specific time. If you already have a scanning software in place, Uzado can use those results for patch management.


Vulnerability Database

Uzado’s SMBAD database is designed to allow a user to quickly search and find vulnerabilities related to an asset, groups of assets, a particular operating system, sever type, or application – they’re all accessible and searchable.



Special Vulnerability Tickets are created for each vulnerability. SVTs allow users to assign tickets, categorize, prioritize, or escalte specific vulnerabilities.


Finding Tickets

Finding tickets are used with the Vulnerability and Remediation module. They allow users to group together multiple Special Vulnerability Tasks (SVTs) - based on similarities - and then, assign one Finding ticket to one or more users.



Special Compliance Tickets are created for each Compliance task. SCTs allow users to assign tickets, categorize, prioritize, or escalate specific compliance tasks.


Attestation Tickets

Attestation tickets are used with the Operations and Compliance software. They allow users to group together multiple Special Compliance Tasks (SCTs) - based on similarities - and then, assign one attestation ticket to other users.



Ensuring repeatability, reliability, and consistency for all tasks and processes. Activities can either be automated through the system or performed by employees. This guarantees that nothing will be missed or overlooked when setting up a process.


Visual Processes and Tasks

Teams can work through processes together and pick up seamlessly where others left off. This feature shows users on which step in a process they are and what tasks need to be completed before moving forward.



Uzado’s dashboard queues allow users to search through tickets and assets and save the results. These queues provide 3 key features: easy access to reports, dynamic KPIs and metrics used for alerting, trending, and reporting, and the ability to export results in the format of your choice (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.).


Task Manager

Uzado's Task Manager allows users to monitor and track their tickets. Through the task manager, users can see the progress of each ticket, the number of tickets at each stage, and who is accountable for each ticket.


Event Manager

This features allows users to create tickets quickly, as it can auto-populate information.


Quality Control

Uzado passes any and all changes through our Quality Control department. We test for bugs in the coding and to ensure proper functionality before launching the software updates.


Global Ticket Search

Once signing into the platform, users have the ability to perform one search that returns ticket results from all of the related text. This search pulls up relevant Incident Tickets, Finding Tickets and Attestation Tickets, and displays the total number of tickets matching the search criteria


Ticketing Manager

Have no fear, Uzado Support is here. Communicate with the support team by opening tickets. Support will follow a process of assigning a unique ID to each ticket, review it, escalate it if necessary, provide fixes that will be tested in Quality Control, and finally close the ticket once all is complete.


Multi-tenancy Capabilities

Keep specific KPIs and metrics handy by placing them in your dashboard. Each user can customize their own dashboard to increase their productivity and easily access  specific metrics.


Scheduled Tasks

Tasks can easily become overwhelming, but by scheduling tasks, you're able to set progress goals and prioritize specific tasks. No more wasted time on deciding where to start, when the tasks are already in front of you.


RSS Feed

Through the platform, users are able to view trending headlines of global news reports. This feature updates users on the most recent and relevant technology-focused articles that might be of interest.


SaaS Platform

Uzado functions as a 100% SaaS solution to your clients with zero maintenance required from your team. As it is infinitely scalable, the system grows to meet your users’ needs; Uzado expands at pace with your business.



Users are able to customize their toolbox with quick links to external websites. This acts as a "Bookmark's Bar" within the platform. This is helpful for users who want to quickly switch from the Uzado platform to another website (and back).


Brandable, Customizable Platform

Uzado has worked with service providers or individual customers who prefer to include their branding on the platform. Contact Uzado to discuss this added feature.



Notifications are available through the platform. Users will be notified of any changes, any tickets assigned to them, reminders of upcoming due dates, and alerts of due dates that have passed.


Activity Log

The activity log allows users to track updates to tickets, and to see any changes made. This is helpful to see when changes were made, and by whom.


No Co-Mingling

This feature is for service providers. The platform is designed for an endless degree of your customers, having customers use the platform. This forces one customer to not have access to the information of another customer.