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Service Providers

Uzado has partnered with several service providers and is always looking for new connections

Would you like to add delivery of unique and differentiated services to your current service offerings? Uzado is a workflow engine that works from the ground up to deliver services to both our MSS partners and direct to our clients. It also acts as a central repository for reports, alerts, events, and incident response. Built with scalability in mind, it's designed to handle millions of users within tens of thousands of customers, both direct and through our partners.  

Multi-tenancy Capabilities


Keep specific KPIs and metrics handy by placing them in your dashboard. Each user can customize their own dashboard to increase their productivity and easily access specific metrics.

SaaS Platform

017-direction.pngUzado functions as a 100% SaaS solution to your clients with zero maintenance required from your team. As it is infinitely scalable, the system grows to meet your users’ needs; Uzado expands at pace with your business.

Activity Log

020-interface-1.pngThe activity log allows users to track updates to tickets, and to see any changes made. This is helpful to see when changes were made, and by whom.

Brandable, Customizable Platform


Uzado has worked with service providers or individual customers who prefer to include their branding on the platform. Contact Uzado to discuss this added feature.

No Co-Mingling

014-business-1.pngThis feature is for service providers. The platform is designed for an endless degree of your customers, having customers use the platform. This forces one customer to not have access to the information of another customer.

Global Ticket Search

003-planet.pngUsers have the ability to perform one search that returns ticket results including the related text. As well, service providers are able to do one global search across all of their customers. This search pulls up relevant Incident Tickets, Finding Tickets and Attestation Tickets, and displays the total number of tickets matching the search criteria