Breached! A Cautionary Tale You Need to Re-Read

bREACHED-1In 2015 Dave Millier released his first novel, Breached! A Cautionary Tale of Cybersecurity and Intrigue. If you haven’t heard of it, Breached! is the story of a fast growing gastro pub chain who becomes the target of hackers, where 30,000 of its customers have had their credit data stolen.  The story follows new company CIO, Tim, as he struggles with how to deal with the aftermath, and how to prevent a future breach.  It’s a great handbook for all businesses on how to prevent a web application security breach.
It’s been almost 4 years since its publication, and news reports are still filled with many large companies suffering major security breaches, with many consumer’s personal information being stolen.  In 2018, life imitated art when Canadian restaurant chain Recipe Unlimited suffered a breach that shut down several of the chain’s restaurants.  The scariest Canadian Breach of Data so far occurred when the health records of nearly 15 million Canadians were affected when LifeLabs was breached in December. Breaches can happen to companies large and small: even Facebook has all suffered breaches.  The FTC  levied substantial fines on Facebook in 2019.  Fines for companies that are found to not do enough to secure information, or if that don’t disclose that they have been breached in a timely fashion, are going up.  The maximum penalty under GDPR can reach up to €20 million, or 4% annual global turnover – whichever is higher. How can a business proactively prepare for a breach? Everything from employee education on security to vulnerability and remediation management need to be followed for a business to do its best to secure itself from an attack. In addition, Uzado offers a new Breach Readiness as a Service (BRaaS) to its customers to proactively deal with a potential breach.  BRaaS will help your organization mitigate the effects of the breach and reduce the turnaround time. Uzado will work with organizations to set up policies and procedures, form response teams where individuals will be assigned specific roles, establish the required channels of communications, and much more. If you still haven’t read Dave Millier’s book, you can find it for purchase on Amazon via the link below. Dave will also be speaking at a luncheon Uzado is hosting this spring. If you want to be on the list, please email us.

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