Cost Effective Tips for Improving Your Business’s Cyber Security

Why_Equating_Compliance_with_Security_Is_ProblematicCyber Security is necessary for today’s connected businesses.  One thing that is a challenge, particularly for smaller businesses, is the lack of financial resources to help defend against a cyber attack.  Below, are some tips that a business of any size, but especially a smaller business, can utilize to help protect themselves from a cyber attack without breaking the bank.
Employee Education  It’s true that employees can be your greatest weakness when it comes to cyber security.  With proper training, employees can become your greatest strength and help protect your company from cyber attacks. There are many ways companies can educate staff including seminars and videos, but one of the most effect ways is through some type of active training.  Phishing simulation training can be effective in teaching employees what a scam looks like.  It will also help gauge just where your staff is at when it comes to being security savvy.  Uzado has its own Phishing Awareness Campaign that can help educate you and your staff about the dangers of phishing. Multifactor Authentication Weak passwords and password re-use by users, tend to be the downfall of many organizations who have suffered a breach.  With multifactor authentication, even if a hacker has your password, it makes it much harder for the criminal to break in, because they now need something else, to get in (like a code sent in a text, or randomly generated from an app).  While not completely foolproof, multifactor authentication can be enough of a deterrent in some cases to make a criminal go elsewhere.  It also has the potential to alert you that someone has tried to make an unsuccessful attempt at accessing your credentials (like when you get that text message asking for your code, but you haven’t logged in). Up-to-date AntiVirus Software This is key, as so much malware and ransomware are coming in via phishing email.  Having up-to-date antivirus software on all company devices and networks is one way of preventing malware and viruses from being installed on your network. Back up Data Regularly Having reliable back ups to restore your data is very important.  Whether it be accidental erasure, or a ransomware attack, you need to be able to restore your data.  Being able to restore your data easily can mean the difference between keeping your business going and having to shut it down.  A best practice for securing your back-ups involves keeping a copy or copies of back-ups off-site.  This can be accomplished either by old-fashioned back-up to tape and store the copies off-site, or the cloud.  If you go the cloud route, check that your cloud provider is also using security best practices to secure your data. Always test to ensure that you can restore from the back-ups should the need to ever arise. These tips above can go a long way to helping better secure your network without going over budget.  In some cases, you might be able to do it on your own, but you don’t have to.  A trusted MSSP like Uzado can help you implement these solutions.

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