Cyber Attacks Surge Over the Holidays

tis-the-season-for-increased-cybersecurity-vigilance-630x330Don’t let the holiday season lull you into a false belief that your computer, networks and internet connected devices will be safe from hackers.  Criminals don’t take a vacation, and certainly this time of year is a lucrative one.  In fact, phishing attacks are usually on the rise at this time of year.
Why should criminals pick this time of year to strike?  The holidays provide scammers with extra phishing opportunities: e-mailed greeting cards, package shipment notices, offers of discounts.  All of these types of emails are things you expect to receive at this time of year, so it’s easy for a scammer to create a similar email to trick you into clicking on a link and potentially giving up personal information, or downloading some type of malware. Another reason why this time of year is great for hackers, is because most of our defenses are down.  It’s holiday time! Most of the cyber security staff may be on a much-needed break, so it’s a great time to strike.  The potential for the SOC team to miss a cyber attack is greater. At this time of year, it is important to remain extra vigilant.  Ensure that your staff are aware of potential phishing email scams.  Any security awareness training you can provide will be beneficial, and at minimum, they should read our 10 Tips For Detecting Phishing Emails blog. Staffing issues at holiday time are always going to be an issue.  Cyber Security staffing issues are also a common problem year-round.  If this is a pain point for you, finding a trusted Managed Security Services Partner can help alleviate this pain-point. A 24×7 Secure operations centre can help keep tabs on your network, even when you are enjoying your vacation. This holiday season, Uzado can provide your business with the gift of peace of mind.  Click below to learn more about how Uzado can help keep you secure not just at holiday time, but all year-round.

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