Cyber Security Challenges Affecting Businesses

Cyber Security on the Mechanism of Metal Gears.If you own a business, you know that staying ahead of cyber threats is important. Below are just some of the biggest cyber security challenges affecting businesses like your.
Ransomware out of Control Ransomware is still a big issue, and it isn’t going away anytime soon.  With COVID-19, there has been an increase in ransomware, particularly among the healthcare sector.  To help protect yourself from ransomware, be wary of clicking links in unsolicited emails, install malware software, and always back-up data. Problems with Passwords Passwords seem to be easily stolen, then sold on the Dark Web to the highest bidder.  The best way to address this problem it to encourage your staff not to re-use passwords. Implementing multi-factor authentication is also helpful in the case that a password is stolen, as now the hacker needs to steal an SMS message or some other token to break in. Another trend picking up momentum is credential vaults.  A credential vault is a database used to store passwords and similar cryptographic key material. The most common data stored in a credential vault are current and historical passwords to privileged accounts. Access to contents of the vault must be audited, to create accountability for use of privileged IDs. IoT: Internet of Threats We tend to think of IoT as Internet of Things. More and more, it’s becoming the Internet of Threats.  From hacking fish tanks to access a corporate network, to the potential to wreak havoc with driverless cars, the connected tools that make things convenient can also work against us.  Add in COVID-19 forcing many people to work from home, and now those unsecured home devices could help a hacker gain access to your corporate network.  Expect to see more news in the future on how IoT is quickly becoming the Internet of Threats. What to do about these issues? These challenges have been around for awhile.  These threats are not going to go away anytime soon, especially as it has proven so lucrative for criminals.. The best thing you can do for your organization is to protect your business and have a cyber security plan.  Engage an MSSP like Uzado to help you with your breach response plan today.

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