Did you know 25% of Canadian Small Businesses Have Suffered a Cyber Attack Since The Start of COVID-19?

A new study by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) found that 25% of their members have suffered a cyber attack since March 2020. In that time, many businesses shifted to remote working, made changes to their online presence, or added an e-commerce site. Many of these businesses would have made the move swiftly and may not have received the necessary cyber security advice when they made the change.

Since March, the number of cyber threats relating to COVID-19 has jumped. COVID-Related Phishing, COVID-19 Ransomware Increase, and Coronavirus Related Domain Names are just some of the many threats that have victimized businesses as well as individuals.  As cyber security expert Ritesh Kotak told the Toronto Star: “All it takes is one person,” clicking on the link in a phishing email, not realizing they’ve exposed the business to a cyber attack.

The CFIB is recommending to its members that they get cyber insurance, invest in cyber awareness training, and security software.  In addition, here are 3 other ways to reduce your risk of becoming victim to a cyber attack. 

Vulnerability and Remediation Management

Remediating vulnerabilities in systems and software is important to keeping your network secure.  Also referred to as patch management, the timely application of a security patch or update can help you avoid being breached.

24×7 support

You have invested in software and tools to secure your network, but now you need someone to ensure everything is running as it should. And you need to ensure no one has breached the network?  Investing in a 24×7 SOC (Security Operations Centre) will ensure you have eyes on your network at all times.

Invest in an MSSP

Need someone to manage your vulnerabilities, provide 24×7 support, and just be there when you need advice?  Perhaps investing in an MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) is the right choice for you.  An MSSP like Uzado can provide your business with vulnerability and remediation management, 24×7 SOC support, and consult on a number of security topics, including cyber awareness training and cyber insurance.