Garmin, Canon Breaches Prove You Need a Breach Readiness Plan

ransomware attackIf you work in cyber security, this week’s headlines will have you wondering what is going on in the world. Garmin and Canon, two very large corporations, were both victims of a ransomware attack.

Garmin was infected with a relatively new strain called Wastedlocker, Wastedlocker is linked to the Russian hacking group Evil Corp. Canon was hit with Maze ransomware attack, where Bleeping Computer reports that 10TB of data was stolen. While Garmin seems to be up and running back to normal (thanks to a reported $10 million payout to hackers), at this point Canon is still struggling to get it’s systems back online. In addition to the ransomware, Canon also had an issue with its site. The Maze ransomware group says the site had noting to do with them.

These two breaches stand out because both Garmin and Canon are very large, high profile companies that were targeted. While you would think that a larger organization would have the resources to thwart such an attack, the reality is that hackers change their tactics quickly. The Maze group, for instance, found that decrypting files wasn’t enough. A company with secure back-ups wouldn’t need to pay for a decryption key. Maze’s tactic is to also “steal” the data and threaten companies with exposure if they don’t pay the ransom. Which has proven very effective for Maze.

There is also still this unfortunate belief that other businesses get attack, and that it can’t happen to their business. The reality in cyber security is that there are two types of businesses: those that have suffered a cyber attack, and those that will suffer a cyber attack. Ask yourself the question, which group does my business fall into?

Knowing that at any point your business could be breached is the first step in Breach readiness Planning. With a Breach readiness plan, businesses can set up specific cyber security goals to achieve, including protective, deterrent, and preventative measures. With a Uzado Breach Readiness as a Service (BRaaS), you can expect the following:

  • Breach Readiness Response Service, where Uzado is available by phone and email 24x7x365 to initiate the response for a breach
  • Ongoing meetings to: (1) review any outstanding items from previous meetings to ensure completion or report on progress, using the Breach Readiness Insight; (2) review current processes, protocols, notification/escalations, etc. to ensure everything is up-to-date; (3) identify any changes or activities which need to be completed as takeaways
  • Tabletop Exercise – twice annually (on average every 6 months). The goal of the exercises are to pick either a potential breach that the organization may have recently had issues around, or pick a breach scenario from the news headlines
  • Annual Review – Review all 12 Breach Readiness Insights, identify any possible trends, provide overall observations and recommendations to further improve the organization’s Breach Preparedness

Reading these headlines, you know you need a breach readiness plan. Contact Uzado today to better prepare yourself against the threat of ransomware.

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