How to get the Best ROI for Your SIEM?

SiemSo, you have a purchased a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution.  Now that you have made the investment, the time has come to find out how to make the most out of this investment.
As you know, SIEMs help provide visibility into your organization’s activity. SIEMs track everything including Source IPs, Destination IPs, and Geographic Regions of users. This information allows an analyst to perform various analyses on the trends in network activity.  This visibility allows an organization to track user-behavior, device-behavior, and any other anomalies. Without this visibility, it becomes much more difficult to gauge whether there is a potential insider or outsider threat on the network. The SIEM will provide the visibility via the log files generated by the devices on your network.  Terabytes of data could be produced from these logs, so it is important to decide what is most important to your business.  You need to think about what the key elements of your network are, from a business standpoint. What parts of your infrastructure are crucial to running the business? The logs those components generate are the keys to keeping your network up and the business running. One of the major benefits to implementing a SIEM is that they are a part of many industry compliance standards. SIEMs also have the capacity to produce the necessary reports that would be used to provide evidence for standards, including HIPAA, PCI, SOX, and GDPR. While adherence to compliance isn’t enough on its own to make your organization secure, it can increase consumer confidence. Increased consumer confidence has a way of increasing sales. One of the reasons it is so hard to determine ROI on cybersecurity is because it rests on hypothetical situations. It’s hard to say how many breaches might have happened if you didn’t have cybersecurity policies and products in place. Perhaps we need to re-evaluate how we look at ROI.  Perhaps there are other metrics that should be considered, like stock value and public confidence. One of the best ways to get the biggest ROI out of your SIEM is to hire a trusted partner to manage your SIEM solution. SIEMs require constant monitoring and tuning: someone needs to manage the SIEM.  The questions you need to ask is, do you have the resources to manage this in-house? Who will be responsible to detect and respond to events? What are you going to do at 1:48am when an alarm goes off?  Hiring a trusted MSSP (Managed Security Services Partner) can help reduce the stress of SIEM management.  Working with an MSSP mean that they will be responding to alarms 24×7.  They will review log files for anomalies.  Uzado’s SOC (Security Operations Centre) works all day, every day to provide early detection and response for our customers. You never know when something could trigger an alert, but our team of security experts are constantly monitoring the situation and notifying clients as needed.