Is The Canadian Healthcare Sector Light Years Behind on Cyber Security?

security-health-ITA Security Boulevard blog claims that Canada’s healthcare sector is 20 years behind in their approach to  cyber security when compared to the financial sector.
A recent report by CBC News states that Canada’s health system is under siege from unrelenting cybercriminals trying to access patient information and other data.  Experts are calling on the federal government to impose national cyber security standards on healthcare. Raheel Qureshi, a co-founder of cybersecurity firm iSecurity Consulting, which works with more than 150 health-care organizations in Canada, spoke with CBC news about the issue.  He says 48 per cent of all security breaches in Canada last year were in the health-care industry and cyberattacks in the sector rose 15 per cent between 2018 and 2019. In addition to the usual threat, COVID-19 is making the job of cyber security in healthcare even more challenging.  The challenge comes from “sophisticated threat actors” possibly trying to steal intellectual property related to COVID-19 research and development.  Hackers may take sensitive data on Canada’s response to the virus. Cybercriminals are already taking advantage of the pandemic’s pressure on the health system to infect online systems with ransomware. Attacks on the healthcare sector aren’t only an issue in Canada.  Security Boulevard notes that “the number of global cyberattacks targeting hospitals in March increased by almost 60 percent from February, marking the highest spike in our global evolution of cyberattacks detected at hospitals over the past 12 months.” Similar to financial institutions, healthcare organizations are responsible for very personal data that needs to be safeguarded.  In some cases, that data can mean life or death for someone, especially if that data is stolen and falls into the wrong hands. Uzado has been helping many organizations, including healthcare organization, improve their cyber security posture.  If you find yourself struggling with cyber security, contact us today to learn more about our approach to cyber security.

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