Is Your Ecommerce Solution as Secure as it Should Be?

ecommercesecuritybasicsCOVID-19 has been challenging for many traditional retailers.  A statistic reported by CBC news shows that 40% of Canadian Retailers closed their doors in March due to the pandemic mandated closures.  On the plus side, Canadians spent over $2.2 billion online in March. That is 40 per cent higher than it was in the same month last year and doesn’t include sales on American-based retailers like Amazon. While moving your retail business online certainly has many benefits, you need to be aware of the cyber risks out there and how to protect your online business from hackers.
Magecart Skimming You may have read about Magecart skimming in the news.  Recently retailer Claire’s suffered a Magecart attack that took nearly two months to discover.  Magecart is an umbrella term encompassing several different threat groups who compromise websites typically by exploiting vulnerabilities or otherwise compromising in third-party eCommerce platforms, in order to inject card-skimming scripts on checkout pages. The skimmers steal customer data and payment information. Magento-based hacks are seen most often, but Magecart also attacks other platforms, including Opencart, BigCommerce, Prestashop and Salesforce. In the case of Claire’s, hackers set out to target the retailer after it closed its retail stores on March 20th.  Researchers at Sansec say that the malware injection began on April 20th and ended on June 13th.  The skimming began on March 20th.  While it is still not known how many cards were compromised, none of the retail store customers have been affected.  Claire’s is working to identify which customers have been compromised, and have notified law enforcement and payment card networks. The Trouble with Ecommerce As you can see, the trouble with ecommerce stems from the fact that the attacks can be very difficult to detect.  Firewall, WAF, secure connection are not enough to prevent skimming, as those solutions are focused on protecting internal networks from the outside.  The Magecart skimmers and Formjackers of the world are executing their attacks on the user’s browser and in many cases, load from a remote server. This client-side connection operates completely outside of the security capabilities an organization deploys to secure the server side of the browser session. All hope is not lost, however.  Uzado has been helping ecommerce retailers like yours secure their web stores.  If you are unsure if your ecommerce site can stand up to Magecart type of attacks, we can help.  Contact Uzado today and we can test your webstore and work with you to make the right security recommendations for your business.

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