Should you Handle Cyber Security Risk on Your Own?

Most business owners, especially of SMBs, know that it takes the wearing of many hats to grow a successful business.  When it comes to cyber security, is it better to try and address it by yourself, hire one or two experts, or simply outsource the whole thing? 

Cyber security really is a specialized skill.  For some companies, they will hire an internal resource with the requisite experience and IT skills.  Other businesses may choose a service provided by an outsourced IT support provider or they may turn to a specialized MSSP, a Managed Security Services Provider, somehow who focuses primarily on security 24×7 and is always there to act on your behalf. 

Why would some businesses choose an MSSSP? An MSSP is a Managed Security Services Partner. MSSPs are responsible for Identifying and remediating threats, and for protecting your environment 24/7.  MSSPs can also provide your organization with the following services: Log Management, Vulnerability and Remediation Management, Data Protection Services, and Firewall Management.  Your business may opt to use an MSSP for the following reasons:

  • Your IT Security Staff is Overwhelmed
  • You Have a Compliance Standard you Need to Meet
  • You Want the Peace-of-Mind Knowing that Your Cyber Security is Being Looked After 24×7

Additionally, you will find that using an MSSP to handle your cyber security will bring cost savings and efficiencies.  Engaging an MSSP from the beginning ensures that you are meeting your compliance objectives and that your network is proactively protected.  A proactive approach identifies issues that need to be corrected before they become problems much larger, and much more expensive. By partnering with an MSSP, it also frees up your current staff to focus on their core tasks, while we take care of cyber security. The benefit being your employees will be more productive, which will save your company time and money. Ready to partner with an MSSP?  Learn more about how Uzado’s services can help your business.