Top 3 Ways to Maximize Your Security Investment

Money.jpg Cyber security breaches worldwide have increased dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Network security is something that your business cannot afford to overlook. Below are the 3 ways for maximizing the value of your security budget.
1. Hiring a Security Team for Success Security skills are costly and extremely hard to come by. To make sure your team is well positioned when it comes to security staff, be sure to hire and train for the positions you need. Look at industry benchmarks for what businesses like yours should be hiring for. They can help provide clues as to how many and what types of positions you need to hire for. In some cases, outsourcing some of the more tedious tasks could also be beneficial. Part of that process comes from determining what internal security tasks benefit more from human touch and which ones would be more valuable if they partially or fully automated. For instance, do you really need 3 people to manage ten firewalls? Perhaps there is a way to automate this process? Some entry level or tier 1 roles can be automated or outsourced, such as using an automated security software to monitor, review, and prioritize alerts. Some tier 1 security analysts could be put to better use in more senior roles. A side benefit of eliminating positions that are tedious and boring is a lower turnover rate within your security team. When given more challenging roles that have an opportunity to add value should ultimately deliver a security team that is more engaged and less likely to bolt for other job opportunities. This is important, as there is already a shortage of skilled security workers. According to CSO Online, “49 percent of cyber security professionals are solicited to consider other cyber security jobs by various types of recruiters at least once per week!” Hiring and retaining the right staff is key. 2. Optimize Products for Maximum Value Before spending money on new or more security tools, it is important to make sure you are already getting the most out of what you already have. You may find that what you are looking for may already be available in a product you already own. You should also remember that products are constantly being updated and enhanced: a tool that you purchased a year or two ago for a specific purpose may now have the capacity do even more. It’s important that before you start shopping for new products, make sure you are getting full value for what you already have. Similarly, if you currently have security software that you are not using, why are you hanging onto it? Are you still paying a maintenance fee for something you don’t use? Just as Sr. Managers need to evaluate what is working, they also need to evaluate what isn’t working, then re-allocate the funds to something that is a better fit for their organization. 3. Find an MSSP to do the Heavy Lifting One of the best ways to make improvements to your security on a tight budget by looking at SaaS tools that provide a bundle of security basics, such as: Vulnerability and Remediation Management, Patch Management, Compliance Management and Incident management. Uzado is a MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) that leverages its SaaS platform to manage all these security services. Investment in cyber security these days is a must! Having a strong security team, optimized security tools, and a trusted MSSP to partner with will all go a long way in maximizing your budget, thus saving you time and money. To learn more about Uzado, click on the image below!

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