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Founded in 2014, Uzado is a Canadian-based company, with operations across Canada and the United States. We provide 24/7 Cybersecurity and Compliance Services that align our clients’ goals with their partners and government contractual mandates. We focus on using insights to drive business decisions. Our specialists don’t leave strategies to chance by analyzing data and showing what changes to make, and how to make them. Uzado offers multiple services to help companies simplify IT, centralize Cybersecurity management, and meet compliance standards. We can also customize our services so that we work with your existing IT network and programs.

Uzado’s team of professionals addresses your cybersecurity and compliance challenges

On an enterprise level, auditors normally look for seamless implementation of all standards, or if not yet implemented, seek supporting evidence that demonstrates the organization’s effort to meet these standards. Uzado’s Managed Governance, Risk and Compliance Service (MGRC) organizes this process, provides the necessary evidence, and shows the progress of becoming compliant. You’ll know when you’re out of compliance long before the auditors; allowing you to be ahead of the game, with the added benefit of uninterrupted business.

Engaging with an MSP like Uzado to ensure compliance, is very critical. From setting up workflows to ongoing 24/7 monitoring, we can help your business stay on top of the regulations. At Uzado, we help strengthen an organization’s cybersecurity compliance capabilities by providing personal data clarification and protection, improved incident response, and faster detection of breaches.

Compliance standards are very complex,
but Uzado provides simple and straightforward solutions.

Our compliance consulting services cover the following regulatory requirements: