Why a Breach Readiness Plan is so Important

Having a proactive plan to respond to a cyber security breach just makes sense.  Reacting to a breach can set your organization back in more ways than just the financial impact. When you are in a reactive mode, the additional downtime will affect your organization’s productivity and ability to keep up with regular business; not to mention the impact a breach can have on your customer’s perception of your brand.

If you are not convinced that it is better to have a proactive plan in place, a November 2020 study by Cyentia Institute shows that companies that don’t have a good cyber breach response plan suffered losses 2.8 times greater than their counterparts that did have a great cyber breach response plan. The report details the 100 largest cyber incidents of the past five years. These events totaled $18 billion in reported losses and 10 billion compromised records.

The key take-away from this report is that if you don’t have a plan for dealing with a cyber security breach, be prepared to pay more in fines, to restore your data, and to restore your reputation. Being prepared ahead of time can speed up the response time and get your business back up and running quicker.

Uzado’s BRaaS (Breach Readiness as a Service) will help your organization mitigate the effects of the breach and reduce the turnaround time. With BRaaS, Uzado will help you put in place an incident response plan to deal with cyber threats such as data breaches, ransomware, fraud, and cryptocurrency theft.

Uzado’s BRaaS helps support your cyber security needs in these 5 ways:

  1. Develop and maintain a proactive emergency response to emerging cyber security events
  2. Minimize the effect of a cyber security breach against the financial, reputation and time-consuming impact of cyber crime
  3. Develop a practical runbook remediation action plan based on risk events
  4. On-going internal security gap analysis
  5. Monthly Scorecard

Much like having an evacuation plan in your building if there is a fire, Uzado’s BRaaS ensures that everyone knows what to do and who to call in the event of a cyber security breach. Uzado works with your organization to practice the plan on a regular basis, similar to a fire drill. And like a fire drill, the BRaaS plan should be executed without panic, and everyone knowing the role they will play in the response to a breach.

As the report shows, cyber security incidents are costly. Not having a cyber incident response plan is even costlier. If you don’t have a cyber breach readiness plan, or need to update your current plan, contact Uzado today.