Why Security Assessments are Still Important

5-Little-Known-Facts-about-IT-Security-1With the social distancing measures imposed by COVID-19, many businesses have rush to a “work-from-home” model.  While this has a great benefit to businesses that want to keep operating, it also has the potential to expose businesses to cyber security vulnerabilities.
In the rush to provide workers with the ability to work from home, companies may be using VPNs, remote logins, or cloud services that might have vulnerabilities.  Add to this challenge the fact that many employees may be struggling to adapt to the new technology and may try to find easier workarounds to get the job done. In some cases, an overworked IT department may unintentionally misconfigure the network structure or forgo regular patching to deal with other priorities. Richard Hughes, head of Technical Cyber Security Division at A&O Cybersecurity, told Infosecurity Magazine, “Companies may feel that they should postpone vulnerability assessments or penetration tests while systems are perhaps in a more fluid state than usual, but this would be ill-advised. The need for security assessments is perhaps greater during this time of potential instability.” Indeed, times of instability are perfect for bad actors to take advantage.  We’ve seen a rise in phishing emails with the subject of COVID-19 or coronavirus.  There is plenty of malware out there related to coronavirus, whether they be in malicious apps or websites. In addition, the remote worker may become the new normal, even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.  Right now is the perfect opportunity to find out how secure your organization and it’s data really is.  While you may think this is just another expense, there are cost effective ways to manage this that don’t break the bank.  In fact, sometimes there are cost savings by introducing a risk-based approach to vulnerability remediation. It is now more important than ever to keep investing in Cyber Security.  If you need advice on how to cope with the cyber security challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact us to today for a free consultation.

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