Why you Need a Breach Plan During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Hotel-Data-BreachCybercriminals do not rest during a crisis.  If anything, this is the perfect opportunity for them to ramp things up, as many organizations may temporarily take their “eye off the ball” while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Many of us have seen the news regarding fake coronavirus maps, bogus messages from health officials and infectious attachments.  Hackers also have not stopped attacking health organizations, even after promising not to do so.  What are organizations to do? Similar to any emergency preparedness plan, like what to do during a fire, having a breach readiness plan is vital to your organization.  It can mean the difference between thriving after a breach or having to close down.  Now, more than ever, the question isn’t if you get breached, but when you get breached? What is your response plan? Uzado’s Breach Readiness as a Service (BRaaS) is a holistic approach to security is specifically designed to support our customers and their security requirements. Uzado can help your organization develop and maintain a proactive emergency response to emerging cyber security events, minimize the effect of a cyber security breach against the financial, reputation and time consuming impact of cybercrime, and develop a practical runbook remediation action plan based on risk events. In addition, our on-going internal security gap analysis and monthly scorecards can help assess areas that need to be addressed.   Uzado’s BRaaS can be customized to clients needs. Our managed service helps organizations understand what needs to be documented before, during and after a breach, what a potential breach could look like and when and how to engage us for support.  Being prepared for the worst ahead of time will help an organization gain control of the situation and mitigate the risks quicker. For more information, contact Uzado today!