Why You Need a MSSP as a Business Partner

Everything-You-Need-to-Know-about-NERC-CIP-Compliance-782526-edited An MSSP is a Managed Security Services Partner. MSSPs are responsible for Identifying and remediating threats, and for protecting your environment 24/7.  Some of managed services include: Log Management, Vulnerability and Remediation Management, Data Protection Services, Firewall Management, etc. According to an article in CIO Magazine, “Managed services comprise the second-most popular business model in the channel today, according to IT industry trade association CompTIA’s Fifth Annual Trends in Managed Services study.” The reason managed services are popular and growing, is because of the many benefits MSSPs can provide to your business.
Improved Security As noted, An MSSP will take charge of planning and executing various security practices on your behalf, even resolving issues as they arise. Many organizations find they simply do not have the time to get around to Patch Management, Vulnerability Scanning, and Compliance Management.  With an MSSP, you can focus on your day-to-day work while an entire team manages your security. Some security problems are often the result of human error caused by overworked staff; however, having an MSSP gives your organization access to a suite of services, without burdening your employees. Proactive Approach to Security Problems The “Break-Fix”, or pay-as-you-go, model is a reactive approach to security. It is often too late to fix problems such as a damaged reputation, lost customers, and government fines after you have been breached. MSSPs take a proactive approach, where they monitor, track, alert, and repair issues as they arise, rather than having to wait for a customer to report a problem. MSSPs will also patch vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by hackers. Organizations may also find that a break-fix solution focuses only on a single problem, whereas an MSSP will often find problems that your Security team didn’t know existed and fix them before they become a problem. Cost Savings Over Building Your Own Many organizations have limited resources, whether it’s financial capital or staff, but they still need to protect themselves from the risk of getting breached. An MSSP will manage your IT security for you; therefore, saving you time and money. Providing services at a flat monthly rate allows for easy budget management with no surprises. If you were using the break-fix model, you could easily have a month where you would exceed your budget due to unforeseen problems. In addition, an MSSP can provide a team of experts at a cost less than what it would normally cost an organization to hire a single individual. In some cases, MSSPs compliment and become a partner to clients, rather than a replacement for internal security. Especially in larger companies, bringing in an MSSP frees up existing IT and Security staff to focus on more strategic projects. If you want to get a handle on cyber security, stay compliant and save money, you need to hire an Uzado as your MSSP.  Contact us today.

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