Yesterday was Data Privacy Day: How did you Celebrate?

DPD20_Privacy_BusinessAlso know as Data Protection Day in Europe, Data Privacy day has been observed on January 28th since 2007.  According to Wikipedia, The day is observed in the United States, Canada, Israel and 47 European countries.
So, how did you celebrate Data Privacy Day?  Was there cake at the office?  As an individual, perhaps you updated your privacy settings on your devices?  As a business owner, perhaps you better ensured the security of customer data?  If you didn’t take much notice of the day yesterday, fear not.  The National Cyber Security Alliance’s website, Stay Safe Online, has many resources for individuals and business who need to keep their information secure online. Data Privacy isn’t something that should be thought about just once a year, though.  Data Privacy day is everyday.  If you are responsible for running a business, you know that privacy is good for business.  Governments around the world (think GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA) have introduced legislation and stiffer fines for those who fail to protect consumer data.  In addition, negative attention and lack of trust from a data privacy breach could ruin your business. So, celebrate Data Privacy Day everyday: It’s good for business!

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