5 Myths About Network Security

5-Little-Known-Facts-about-IT-Security.jpg Myth # 1: Network security is too complex for us to use. Reality: It doesn’t have to be. Using tools, such as ITSM software and processes, network security can be broken down into simplified workflows for collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. These workflows are also important to provide consistent guidelines and reduce the complexity and time involved. While there are many aspects of security that need to come together, the key is planning carefully, sharing the responsibilities, consistency, and building capabilities so that it can be done quickly and effectively.
Myth # 2: Network security is so expensive. Reality: Not necessarily. These day, you will find many tools, as well as many third-party consulting companies that can help.  Security solutions can be tailored to suit any organization size and budget.  Alternatively, think of the costs associated with a large-scale breach of your network.  Can your organization afford to lose a day’s work to a DDoS attack?  What about the cost the loss of reputation can bring if a customer’s personal data is breached? Statistics show an exponential increase in attacks, with over 230,000 malware samples a day. And 68% of funds lost due to a cyber security breach were found to be unrecoverable.  The reality is, how can you NOT afford network security? Myth #3: I don’t have a technical or IT background therefore, network security is not a concern me. Reality: Being a technical genius is not necessary to make network security work. What is required is knowing your network and what you need to protect.  Do you have proprietary data that would be disastrous to your business if it fell into the wrong hands?  Do you hold clients’ confidential credit information?  Company reputation, customers, and employees are just some of the important assets that an organization needs to protect.  Cyber security is for the protection of the entire company. Once you know what you need to protect, you are ready to put together a team of IT security professionals and security tools to protect your network and your business from vulnerabilities. Myth 4: My top executives aren’t asking for Network Security; why should I be interested in it? Reality: This is a serious misunderstanding that can have disastrous consequences. Executives can be held financially, and in some cases, criminally, responsible for what happens in their organizations.  After some high-profile breaches in the news (think Target), executives are on the hook for these types of breaches.  Executives should be, and in most cases, are, asking for network security policies and procedures. Any executive who claims to not be concerned with security is putting their organization at great risk! Myth #5: I don’t have time for Network Security. Reality: Network security doesn’t have to be so time consuming. Time could be managed if the process is planned from the beginning by leveraging IT Security experts, tools, and processes. The use of ITSM software, and possibly managed services providers, in conjunction with network security policies and procedures may ultimately save time as certain IT projects that don’t add value are dropped for ones that do. The additional time savings could then be used to work on the more effective security priorities. There is an old saying that fits this situation: “We take time for things that are very important.” If it is important to protect your organization’s data, then time must be allocated to make network security a priority. Learn more how Uzado can help your organization get more secure and save you time?

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