Five Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss at SecTor 2019

Sector2019 smallSecTor, Canada’s premier cybersecurity conference, is now underway.  It has grown significantly in the past few years and is the place to be for those in the cybersecurity field.  Below I have listed my picks for the top 5 sessions that you don’t want to miss. To view the full conference schedule, visit
Surviving A Ransomware Attack – Lessons From The Field Wilfred Farias and Thomas Poinsignon-Clavel will be talking about the lessons they have learned from helping their customers deal with ransomware.  Ransomware is a threat that is not going away, so this is a good session to take in if you want to learn how to best prepare for and respond to a ransomware attack. Catching And Cleaning Phish Jim Banach addresses the issue of phishing in Office 365.  Attackers have become better with their phishing attacks.  It’s become even more difficult for users to determine what is and isn’t legitimate. Jim will discuss best practices for Office 365 for detecting, removing and investigating phishing attempts. Career Panel And Career Fair 2019 Always a great session for those who are just entering the cybersecurity workforce, and veterans looking to change streams.  Join panelists Andrea Stapely, Tom Tran, Nick Aleks, Joe Cummins, Inna Danilevtch, and Kevvie Fowler as they discuss how different segments of the industry are viewing the type of talent they want to gain, train and retain. The Career Panel will be held in the Keynote hall at SecTor on Wednesday October 9 from 2:55pm, followed by the Career Fair. Sponsored by the City of Toronto, both the Panel and Fair are open to all SecTor attendee pass types. Made In Canada – The Significance Of Canadian Security Technology This panel kicks off Thursday’s keynote with a discussion of the role Canada plays in the global cybersecurity market.  This panel will discuss Canadian businesses’ stance in IT security and take a look at what it will take to become a stronger competitor in world markets. Expect the conversation to centre around funding innovative startups, quantum cryptography and many other topics in between. Threats And Trends Of 2019 Austin McBride will discuss the threat landscape that was 2018.  Austin will take a deep dive into the different attacks and attack vectors that are trending in 2019, the specific industries and geographies that are under siege, the tools we use to differentiate normal versus targeted threat traffic, and what to expect for the remainder of the year and beyond.

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