Why Your Organization Needs a Dark Web Monitoring Service

skull_DarkWeb With the dramatic increase in large 3rd party data breaches impacting commonly used business systems including LinkedIn, Dropbox, Yahoo, JP Morgan, Lynda.com, Evernote and Slack, to name a few, it is important for business today to continually monitor the dark web to ensure your organizations credentials are not for sale.  In addition to company passwords, it is also important to monitor your staff’s credentials (business and personal) on the dark web. Why?  According to ID Agent, 80% of employees will use the same or a derivation of the same password across all systems they login into – both on and off your network. This situation creates a security concern that is hard to address with conventional solutions.
Why do I need to worry if my organizations user accounts are for sale on the dark web? Well, think of all the major security breaches you have heard of lately.  Once someone has a password to gain entry to your organizations network, they have the “keys to the kingdom” so to speak.  From a stolen password, a criminal can gain access to all kinds of confidential business data or expose customer data.  Either of these scenarios put your business at risk of closure due to loss of public trust, or exposure to steep regulatory fines. The dark web refers to a layer of the internet which is unindexed by search engines; meaning that any searches on the dark web will not show up in a Google search. All exchanges on the dark web are all encrypted and are all done from anonymous IP addresses, making it difficult to identify any users. On the dark web, people will trade or traffic drugs, weapons, people and information.  It is estimated that over 50% of all sites on the Dark Web are used for criminal activities, including the disclosure and sale of digital credentials. By taking pro-active measures to such as employing a Dark Web Monitoring service, an organization can identify and eliminate these potential threats as soon as they surface. What is a Dark Web Monitoring Service?  A Dark Web Monitoring Service can help you find out if your .com credentials are out on the dark web.  You may even discover that there are “Zombie accounts” out there from legacy employees that have not been disabled.  Uzado’s Dark Web Finder monitoring service can help your organization Identify compromises, provide reports on compromised data, monitor logs, to allow for tracking and triaging of any incidents, create effective policies and procedures to minimize risk, detect patterns before turning into trends – using the intelligence to keep your organization more protected, and proactively monitoring networks to catch and respond to threats immediately. Want to learn more?  Request a demo today! Click below to sign up for a free cursory search of your organization’s credentials!

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