How Quickly Could Your Business Recovery From a Cyber Attack?

Stop Cyber Attack Sign in Red Polygon on Pale Bare Hand. Isolated on White Background.Imagine the unthinkable happened and your business suffered a cyber attack. How long to do think it would take you to recover from it?
Recently, the City of Saint John announced a significant cyber attack on their systems, forcing them to shut down many online services. David Shipley, CEO of Beauceron Security, told CBC news, “If they can get it up, back up and running in a normal capacity in the next couple of months, I’ll be amazed.” With the attacks getting more sophisticate, and COVID-19 being a factor, it will affect how quickly the City of Saint John can get their systems back up and running. Shipley suspects the attack is ransomware from an organized crime group in Russia. Earlier this year, prior to COVID-19, researchers at Coveware estimated that the average number of days downtime after a ransomware attack is 16.2 days. Shipley also references the City of Atlanta in the CBC article, stating that it took that municipality “from March to June to get everything back up and running.” Cyber attacks are bad for business. You can’t afford to be down for weeks, or even months at a time while you restore systems. And in cases where data has been exfiltrated, restoring a reputation can take even longer. Whether you run a large or small business, you need a plan to deal with cyber incidents, including ransomware. Offline, offsite back-ups and cyber awareness training are a part of this plan, but you also need to plan your business continuity and response plan in the event of a breach. Uzado is here to help businesses like your plan and prepare for cyber attacks. Contact us today!